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One of the pastors who serves the church where I “church-gig” has himself a blog. Don’t know how many pastors, ministers, clergy etc. in the world have their own blogs, unless they’re the famous sort who go on TV as pundits or whatever. This particular gentleman’s blog contains not just musings from the perspective of a Christian pastor, but also from the perspective of a New York Yankees fan (and fan of the larger world of baseball), and a sports-in-general fan. This causes me to go visit it quite a bit because I quite honestly don’t know what to expect, and it’s fun. The blog is “A Yankee Pastor” and it’s listed over there to the right.  It’s good readin’; by all means go check it out.

…And yeah, he’s a Yankee fan and I’m a Red Sox fan and we get along anyhow. I have to admit that Mariano Rivera is incredible, and John has to admit that Dustin Pedroia is the hardest-working second-baseman in show business. So we’re OK. (Plus, he’s the pastor and I’m the choir director. I know a pecking order when I see one!)

One thing Pastor John has begun to do is “speed linking” – every Friday he lists a series of things he’s found interesting over the course of the previous week with links that readers can follow, or not, as they like. Bob Ryan, a writer from the once-mighty Boston Globe sports section, used to publish columns full of one- or two-sentence blurbs about the sports world and he called them “Cleaning Out the Desk Drawer of the Mind”. Sounds like a good idea to me; in my case, I think it’s more likely to be “cleaning out the Bookmarks Folder of the Mac”, since you wouldn’t believe how many items are currently stored in THAT thing.

So … Speed Linking! Part One! In no particular order!

[1] If there was a more consistently funny 90 seconds in American entertainment than this, I don’t know what it was.

[2] During the last two summers, I’ve had the opportunity to take in Shakespearean comedies thanks to the good offices of the American Shakespeare Center, tucked away in the little town of Staunton, VA. Thanks to Basil and LJ for letting me in on THAT little secret – a well-kept one that deserves to be less well-kept! One of the fun things about the ASC is that their theatre is quite true to the design of the original indoor theater in which Shakespeare’s plays were originally staged, the most striking element of which is: they don’t dim the lights at showtime. The t-shirts on sale in the lobby of the ASC theatre say, “ASC: We Do It With the Lights On”; and this allows the players to see the audience and interact with them, making the productions even more effective than they would have been to start with.

Another good bit about the ASC is that they put stuff on their website like this.

[3] Here‘s an article about yet another thing said by a national politician/celebrity who is either misinformed, ill-informed, under-educated, a knee-jerk partisan, or being well paid by an agent of some lobby or other to say willfully stupid things. Or a combination of any of the above. Or all.

[4] Apparently there are those who are just as concerned about the future of concert program notes as they might be about the state of modern journalism.

[5] Here‘s a photo which is what band is all about. A place for everyone.


[6] Come to think of it, #3 above might be informed by this article, and this one.


[7] Ordinarily I’m firmly against the hijacking of a cultural icon like Linus Van Pelt; but in this case I’ve gotta admit … it’s really well done.

[8] Free speech, young students with opinions about teachers, and social media. You be the judge of this.  I think this may be another subject for another post.

[9] Who knew Superman was a Methodist?  (Well, apparently the Kents were.  The question is, what was Clark like in Sunday School?)

[10] In case you wondered about Mary Whipple, about whom I wrote in my first post about Brushes With Fame – turns out that being a coxswain for a crew team requires a lot of varied qualifications, including more than a bit of leadership training.


[11] If you want a genuine laugh at genuine cleverness, read any of these lyrics.


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