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Rob Hammerton, music educator etc.

This Time He’s a Movie Hound

Continuing with the favorites that Facebook thought it had destroyed forever… but no!  They live!!

Favorite Movies:

[] A Mighty Wind. Mostly because over the course of the 1990s I was introduced to the folk music world, and this movie affectionately gets the skewering *just right*.

[] Galaxy Quest. Mostly because over the course of my life I’ve been a Star Trek nerd, and this movie affectionately and respectfully gets the skewering *just right*.  (“The finest Iago of my generation, and I’m reduced to this.” -Alan Rickman)

[] Brazil. Seriously. Watch this movie. It’s funny, then it’s scary. Michael Palin plays the straight man. Phew!

[] Casino Royale. As much as I doubted that Daniel Craig would be the best Bond I ever saw … y’know, he just might be. I know, I KNOW! Connery! Right, I know! Maybe if Connery made Bond movies in the era of, oh I don’t know, decent special effects and an editing pace that was faster than encroaching glaciers. But from the running and jumping (!!) in the opening sequence, to Eva Green, to the END of Eva Green, to the musical conceit of holding off on the full 007 theme till the Very… Last … Possible … Scene … (well, it’s a prequel, so we reverse-engineer the music, yes?  Well-played!) … this is a great one indeed. Particularly if you then see The Spy Who Loved Me shortly thereafter, and don’t even TALK to me about Moonraker.

[] Waiting For Guffman. (I am NOT Bob Balaban!) The absolute best in squirm humor. Especially for those of us with musical theater experience.

[] The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I was afraid they’d screw it up. For the most part, they didn’t. Zooey Deschanel is bang-on as Trillian.

[] The Incredibles. “Edna Mode. …And guest.”

[] Much Ado About Nothing. I miss the days where Kenneth and Emma spoke to each other.

[] The Muppet Movie. “I’da been gone with the Schwinn.” … “Bear left.” “Right, Frog.” … “Would you like to smell the bottle cap?” Never mind the sequels; this thing still stands up to close scrutiny. Still don’t know how they pulled off the bike riding in the park scene.

[] Notting Hill. I know, this is not exactly a Guy Movie … so I’ll just say, by Jove, it IS all about Julia Roberts’ smile.

[] O Brother, Where Art Thou? “I am the gol-durn pater-familias.”  With honorable mentions to Fargo and The Big Lebowski (thanks, Joe).

[] Raiders of the Lost Ark. Which makes me sound like a fan-boy, or a former subscriber to “Starlog” magazine … OK, so I read it, but I never subscribed!! … But watch this movie and see if you can find a single character, scene, line of dialogue, moment of music, or ANYTHING that isn’t note-perfect in this movie. It wasn’t the sequels’ fault that they didn’t quite measure up.

[] This Is Spinal Tap. This, as well. Not a moment in it that isn’t all full of comic timing and Beatles history. “Come on, come on. Mime is money.”

[] Serenity. No, I’m not kidding. Whether or not it has a decent plot, lots of exploding things, spaceships, zombies and whatnot … it’s got a relentless barrage of just-barely-not-quite-self-consciously-clever exchanges of dialogue that I would quote a lot, if I could just remember them. Really, it’s kinda neat.

[] ENRON: The Smartest Guys in the Room. If you’re looking for a documentary that makes you gag at some people’s (Ken Lay et al.) sheer soul-less chutzpah as they line their own pockets at the expense of people who have put their trust and their money in them … look no further. This is based on Bethany McLean’s reportage and subsequent best-selling book about the mind-boggling hubris, and eventual collapse, of Enron.


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  1. Love, love, love this list. Surprised by some of its content, and hmmm. Who knew I could just watch The Hitchhiker’s Guide, and not read the book (which somehow I have never read). Okay, maybe I need to go to my library RIGHT now and get this, so that I am not tempted to watch the movie first :)!

    Thanks Rob. Love your Blogs!

    Comment by Heather Felder | November 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. Dude, half of this is MY list, and the other half just went on my must-see. I am SO pleased there is another smart person of my acquaintance who puts Serenity on this list!!!! I assume you have seen the tragically-cancelled-before-its-time Firefly series, but if not you must see it. Our house has the “Wall of Whedon” where we display all of Joss Whedon’s ouevre (that which we own anyway–Dollhouse being the sole exception so far–yes, I do have the BTVS comics!)!!! Joss is a god as far as I am concerned.

    Comment by Holly | November 30, 2010 | Reply

  3. p.s. “NO CAPES!”

    Comment by Holly | November 30, 2010 | Reply

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