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Pruning the Ol’ Bookmarks Folder

Just got freshly appalled at the number of webpages I’ve bookmarked without ever returning to them again.  So, in the spirit of “I’m on school vacation, I have time, and my house is a wreck, must clean, must clean”… I’m starting with my hard drive.  (That’s helpful.)

During that process, unfortunately, in the spirit of “I’m a hopeless pack rat”, I’ve re-discovered webpages I’ve bookmarked without ever returning to them again… that I might return to.  And which might explain a lot about me, actually…

So, in no particular order…

Besides her regular duties on “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”, and besides the fact that she and her family were members of the church I grew up in … I don’t know a thing about her.

This music dictionary even pronounces terms for you!

Reportedly, the gentleman who played Data on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is a pretty odd duck; but on Twitter he’s comedy gold.

The first thing to do when you go to this website is find out how to quickly stop the MIDI file of a hymn (and never the one you were searching for) that automatically plays upon your arrival to every single webpage inside it. After which, it’s a great resource.

With luck, this will stop being topical someday. Until then, it’s just fun and occasionally pretty creative. (Even more fun than William Shatner reading Ms. Palin’s Twitter posts in the manner of a poetry slam.)

They’re putting out another album this month. At last.

I wish something like this had existed when I was a college bando. Then again, maybe I don’t.

Looking for good clean jokes? “A Prairie Home Companion” to the rescue. Looking for slightly off-color jokes? Same rescue organization.

My desperate attempt to stay literarily engaged. Even if I don’t always appreciate non-rhyming poetry.

When I was about 12, I thought this was the sweetest funny television show I’d ever seen. I still put it right up there. Thanks to the BBC via PBS (whom else?).

Just an episode guide, but please do enjoy the audio that plays constantly.

My favorite cable-news law professor consultant guy.

The ultimate in nerd, but it does try to explain the unexplainable. No, not George Lucas’ dialogue; just the techno-toys in his movies.

This explains a great deal about my sense of humor, I think.

In a desperate attempt to stay literarily engaged, part 2.

When an outfit like the American Shakespeare Center creates a funny Shakespeare graphic, it’s actually funny.

Going back to the “when I was 12 and thought it was cool” department. Although, for the record, some of this stuff even I found dorky at the time.

Flanders and Swann. British. Lyrics. Spectacular.

Let’s see, what things do I like? Behind-the-scenes documentaries? Check. Music? Check. Sci-fi? Check. The only thing this TV composer’s blog is missing is something about baseball and band.  (Oh wait!  He talks about contrabass clarinets.  Check.)

It’s John Cleese. No more need be said.


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