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Take It For Granite

Since last I contributed to my own blog… hmmmmmm… it’s been a while… I have had several occasions to pause and realize that I don’t have it so bad. If I ever really thought that. True, we all stop and bemoan our fate; but then things like Japan and Libya and etc. happen, and various people I know endure cancer diagnoses and heart surgery and broken/sprained/strained/otherwise-dinged-up extremities … and I recently have been encouraged to acquire a bit of perspective.

So: here is a list. A partial list. An imperfect list. Doubtless it is Part One Of Several, in that I know I’m going to fail to include important things. So, that gives me an opportunity to rectify those omissions as they occur (and to be secure in the knowledge that the need for Parts Two Through Whatever do not constitute the end of the world).


Things not to take for granted:

[] The student who says something that genuinely cracks you up.

[] Having all your fingers and toes working.

[] A car that starts every darn time. (Mine just went over 180,000 miles, and still ticking along. It’s a Saturn; sadly, they don’t make them anymore.)

[] Parents who brought you up right.

[] People who get sent to Washington (or the state capital) and actually function as statesmen (-persons) rather than politicians. When this happens, please alert me.

[] The Muppet Show.

[] A day warmer than 30 degrees and NOT featuring frozen precipitation hurtling from the sky.

[] A Red Sox win. Speaking of which…

[] A pastor with a sense of humor.

Sunday morning, our church’s “Gospel Group” (i.e. we sing without printed music; invent and develop our harmonies at will; everything we don’t tend to do a lot of in The Choir, as things like Handel’s “Messiah” are pretty specifically notated) put up a tune called “Life is a Ballgame”. Beforehand, the singers donned Red Sox caps, because that’s how our church tends to roll. As soon as the caps were on, our associate pastor, a lifelong Yankee fan, stood and placed his own Yankees cap on his head, cheerfully accepted the Bronx cheer from the congregation, and all was well!

[] A roof over your head, and earth underneath your feet that doesn’t quake.


To be continued, no doubt. Which is just fine; means there’s a lot to be appreciative of…

Of which to be appreciative (he amends, just before his junior-high English teachers reach for their poison pens).


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