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The Daily Music Post Project, Part I

The Facebook-status craze of the moment: to post video of a song, one song per day for a month, that meets certain pre-arranged criteria. Being who I am, I have to include honorable mentions, because in many cases who can narrow it down to just one song?  Well, sometimes I can.  But considering the amount of music I’ve been exposed to since I was a wee music consumer… sometimes I can’t.

Anyway, here are my results for the first five days of that month.

April 12 … Day 01: “Your favorite song.” This is NOT easy, and there are many honorable mentions.

Our winner: “My Traveling Star” (James Taylor).

Honorable mention: “Order My Steps” (GMWA Women of Worship).

Another honorable mention: “It Had to Be You” (covered by Harry Connick Jr. for the movie “When Harry Met Sally”).

Another honorable mention: “For Now” (from the musical “Avenue Q”).

Another honorable mention: “Lonely Town” (from Leonard Bernstein’s musical “On the Town”).  One of America’s genuine art songs.

Another honorable mention: “Boogie Down” (Al Jarreau).

Another honorable mention: “Big Yellow Taxi” (Joni Mitchell, but I’m thinking of the Amy Grant cover).

Another honorable mention: “My Time of Day” (from “Guys & Dolls”, here performed by Peter Gallagher).  The other of America’s great art songs.

Another honorable mention: “If This Is It” (Huey Lewis & The News).

April 13 … Day 02: “Your least favorite song.” I do not think this means what they think it means! If it were my actual “detest that song the most”, I’d be posting a Barney video. So this category means what? Of all my favorite songs, I like this one the least? I choose to think of this category as containing songs that definitely have merit but that I can only bear to listen to once a year, on average.

Our winner: “She” (Charles Aznavour, covered by Elvis Costello for the movie “Notting Hill”)

Honorable mention: “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” (Burt Bacharach, covered by Elvis Costello for the movie “Austin Powers 2”). Or maybe I just thought of this one because I thought Austin Powers 2 was just generally lame, and this scene featured some of Heather Graham’s least appealing non-acting.

(These choices seem to imply that Elvis Costello is my least favorite singer. In spite of what it certainly looks like, this is not so.)

Another honorable mention: “Where Did Our Love Go?” (Diana Ross and the Supremes).  Never quite grasped what all the Diana Ross fuss was about.

April 14 … Day 03: “A song that makes you happy.”

Our winner: “S’Wonderful” (George Gershwin, covered by Michael Feinstein).

Honorable mention: “I’m Happy Just to Dance With You” (Beatles)

Another honorable mention: “The Great Nations of Europe” (Randy Newman). In spite of the subject matter… every time I hear this song, I grin.

April 15 … Day 04: “A song that makes you sad.”

Our winner: “Ghost in This House” (Alison Krauss + Union Station).

Honorable mention: “Louisiana 1927” (Randy Newman). This one made a comeback after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast.

April 16 … Day 05: “A song that reminds you of someone.”

Our winner: “100 Years” (Five for Fighting). Regular readers of this space will know why this item shot to the top of my list.

To be continued…


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