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The Daily Music Post Project, Part V

This time, the great Facebook music-self-portrait project has yielded five days of categories that invite the posting of nothing but terrific little songs. I’m not sure that they mark me as a terrific little person; but if I can bask in the glow of a few wonderful somethings, I’m going to do it and not ask stupid questions…

May 2 … Day 21: “A song that you listen to when you’re happy.” Our winner: “Hand It Over” (Keb’ Mo’).  Honorable mention: “Human Nature” (Michael Jackson, but only if covered by the Youngblood Brass Band … thanks to Michael Coogan for this one).  Another honorable mention: “Signe” (Eric Clapton, Unplugged).  Another honorable mention: “Sweet Potato Pie” (James Taylor).  Another honorable mention: “When A Man Loves a Woman” (covered by the Blue Devils).  Another honorable mention: “New Shoes” (as covered by Cape Harmony a cappella, which I can’t find anywhere online, so here’s the original, and just imagine it done by ten collegiate a cappella women.  Another honorable mention: “Take It Easy” (Eagles).

May 3 … Day 22: “A song that you listen to when you’re sad.” Does that mean I play it to get not sad? If so… Our winner: “I’m in the Mood for Love” (Louis Armstrong).  If I’m playing it to stay sad… Our winner: “Hard Times” (Ray Charles).

May 4 … Day 23: “A song that you want to play at your wedding.” Our winner: “That Face” (from “The Producers”, sung by Matthew Broderick). Surprisingly good!  Honorable mention: “The Way You Look Tonight” (covered by Michael Buble).  Another honorable mention: “Love You Madly” (Duke Ellington; an Ella Fitzgerald cover).  Another honorable mention: “Something in the Way She Moves” (James Taylor).

May 5 … Day 24: “A song that you want to play at your funeral.” Our winner: “And When I Die” (Blood Sweat & Tears).

May 6 … Day 25: “A song that makes you laugh.” Yeah, and THIS category will be so easy to narrow down to just one choice. Please. Therefore, I offer a buffet table full of chuckle opportunities…  Our winner: “I Feel Pretty” (covered by the inimitable Little Richard). You’ve got to hear this to believe it, although you can probably imagine what it sounds like. Snarf time!  Honorable mention: “Taylor the Latte Boy” (covered by the inimitable Kristin Chenoweth).  Another honorable mention: “She Loves You” (Peter Sellers & Spike Milligan cover it nearly to death).  Another honorable mention: “A Mighty Wind” (stay with it till the very last line, please).  Yet another honorable mention: “Gone Fishin’” (Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong) … it’s just amiable and fun.

One more installment to go.  The suspense may or may not be killing you…


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