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The Daily Music Post Project, Part VI

Behold! The final installment of the month-long music video posting experiment. It’s not been often that I’ve had the opportunity to measure the passage of thirty days in quite this way. Interesting; and if it takes 21 days to create a habit, I’m well into the addiction now, I suppose. The final five categories (The Final Five? Where’s that sitar music at?) were, shall we say, curious and uneven; but provided great opportunities to post some terrific music.

May 7 … Day 26: “A song that you can play on an instrument.” Our winner: “Life Is A Ballgame”. Covered here by the Persuasions a cappella, but this is the first tune to which I successfully played a walking bass line. Woo hoo!

May 8 … Day 27: “A song that you wish you could play.” Our winner: “From Within” (Michel Camilo). I wish I could play this on any of these instruments. If wishes were horses, this horse could pull New Hampshire. … Honorable mention: “Glitter and Be Gay” (from “Candide”, sung by Kristin Chenoweth). A song that I wish I could play… or SING. Not that I could play this role, clearly. But what a song, and what a high E flat to nail.

May 9 … Day 28: “A song that makes you feel guilty.” Our winner: “Cousin Dupree” (Steely Dan). Creepy lyrics, but a great groove. … Honorable mention: “This Will Be An Everlasting Love” (Natalie Cole). I only feel guilty about it because now it only reminds people of that online dating service. … Another honorable mention: “Another Day in Paradise” (Phil Collins).

May 10 … Day 29: “A song from your childhood.” Our winner: “Unpack Your Adjectives” (from Schoolhouse Rock). … Honorable mention: Theme from “Hill Street Blues” (Mike Post).

May 11 … Day 30: “Your favorite song at this time last year.” Our winner: The theme from “Shaft”, but with a twist: not Isaac Hayes but the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.


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