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Revenge of the Subconscious

I will admit that in the past, when I have seen the slogan “My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma”, I have chuckled, without fully understanding it. Karma, dualism, existentialism … I think I managed not to take any classes in college that would help me with philosophical matters. For the love of God (or whomever claims jurisdiction in this case), I had to go to Wikipedia to find out a decent definition.

Not eight hours after posting my most recent diatribe about ineffective presenters, I found myself an unwilling participant in a dream whose details I now still recall rather vividly, and whose plot can be boiled down to this: your humble blogger was a humble and, in spite of all possible efforts, pretty ineffective presenter – to the point that someone else (a rather justly-famous Someone Else) stepped in and bailed me out. (At least I had the presence of mind to thank that Someone at the end of the dream for his work. No, I’m serious. “Thank him, please!”, I called out to my class, in a very familiar tone of voice … )

Whether it was my subconscious mind “doing its laundry”, as dreams are alleged to do … or whether it was my various (otherwise harshly tamped-down) professional insecurities holding court … or whether it was my mind wondering how many of my readers read “Professional Development is Where You Find It” and deduced that I must be an egotistical lout who thinks he knows more about teaching and effective presenting than anyone else on the face of this utterly insignificant little blue-green planet …

It was a rather fitful lesson in humility.


Now, to prepare that piece about Great Teachers I Have Known …


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