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Rob Hammerton, music educator etc.

Bonne Chance

I am fortunate.

The winds are howling, and the rains have come down at a good clip all day; but my roof is not leaking. My basement is dry. I live in a part of the Northeastern US in which is this more likely to be true than it would be if I lived in New York City or New Jersey or Delaware.

I am fortunate.

Not to jinx it, but I have not lost power. I have not lost any of the food that remains in my refrigerator. I have not lost any files that I’ve been working on, since power has not gone out while I’ve been working on the computer today.

I am fortunate.

None of the tall trees in my backyard, or front yard (tiny though it is), or side yard, have gone down. Twigs and small branches, yes; but the rather majestic pines are still vertically majestic.

I am fortunate.

I was able to crank up the TV set tonight, watch various cable TV news outlets cover the storm (and cuss out the ones that couldn’t put down the Presidential poll-watching or Benghazi conspiracy theories for one damn night), watch video of lower Manhattan and northern New Jersey, then run upstairs, fire up the Internet and send a few messages to friends there, hoping they were doing OK.

I am fortunate.

Weather or not (pun?), I live in a part of the world where it’s only an event like this, accompanied by civil authorities’ advice to stay off the roads, during which I can NOT just hop in the car and drive to the store to get more Cheetos, or whatever needs replenishing. There are places in the world where on a regular basis it’s either dangerous or simply impossible to do that.

I am fortunate.

I have a paying job, family nearby, friends easily reachable at least via the online services (–friends at all), and a pizza shop and dry cleaners walking distance from my house. Oh, and a house with running water.

I am fortunate.

I know where I will go, next week, to cast my vote. There is no doubt that I am registered to do so. I will not have to acquire special documents in order to do so. With luck, but most likely, I will not encounter people trying to dissuade me from doing so. There are places in the world where on a regular basis, one cannot say that. (There are places in this country where, shamefully, one cannot necessarily say that.)

I am fortunate.

I live in a part of the world where I can publish that last paragraph, or any of the preceding paragraphs, and no armed officers will come to my door and ask tough questions. And anyone can read the preceding paragraph, get irritated or inspired, and leave any old comment they like. There are places in the world where that is unlikely, too.

If you live anywhere in the northeastern US, and you’re (still) reading this tonight, the 29th of October, even as Hurricane Sandy makes a mess of the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England … then perhaps we’re each fortunate, although for different reasons.

May all kinds of good luck go with us.


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  1. Can’t sleep; wind raging: rain pounding on and off. Lost power for about 15 minutes. Came back on.

    I am fortunate.

    Comment by sarv | October 30, 2012 | Reply

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