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Not a Damn Thing Wrong With It

I heard some pretty good news this afternoon.

Well, what the heck, it was very good news.

I first realized what I was reading, online, when I realized that a friend’s Facebook cover photo was not merely a picture of a left hand but that the left hand in question had a wedding ring on it.

Cool! And then some. How exciting! Someone’s engaged.

After some careful reading, I realized that I knew both parties involved in the engagement. Even better.

I will admit that I haven’t known these two terribly long, at least not as Official Facebook Friends. We all were in the same college band, but I was not in the band at the same time as these two were (I’m very old; they’re not), so we only actually connected within the last couple of years. Most of those years, at least as they relate to our college band, have been chronicled to some degree in this blog space. No need to go back over that territory specifically, except to note that an awful lot of people from different band “generations” have ended up better connected … or in fact connected at all … because of the events of these past couple of years.

Therefore, I’ve stood and chatted with Friend #1; and with Friend #2 I’ve only traded Facebook and eMail messages. Friend #2 actually offered a few thoughts that helped reduce the stress of my one stressful blogging experience awhile ago, so although we’ve not ever talked face-to-face, we’s like THIS.

So. Two relatively new friends, whom I knew were an Item … are now planning to become a Legal Item. Again … cool!

This engagement thing is a big decision, as I recall. When you participate in this agreement, you commit yourself to a new joint life, to be spent primarily with one particular person. To share an awful lot of yourself and your existence with them.

Yeah, yeah: fill in your punchlines here … clearly not every wedding in the world is followed by a marriage that lasts the entire remainder of the newlyweds’ lifetime. You want to take my word on this: I am well aware.

But I do not begrudge others the opportunity to go for it.

There are people out in the world that do, though – and not because of the punchlines that you may have filled in, above. And not because of any particular bitter experience with matrimony that they may personally have had. They’ve just decided that some people really ought not enter into that dangerous, uncertain, risky behavior we have labeled “marriage”.

But, anyway, I’m thrilled to hear that Friend #1 decided to propose to Friend #2. As far as I can tell from their almost ridiculously cute Facebook posts, these two were destined for this from the get-go. Yes, all relationships do (or will) undergo trials and tribulations – after all, when two separate distinct human beings share a relationship for a long enough time, they will discover differences that will seem as important as their cute and fun and wonderful shared interests and beliefs. But Friend #1 and Friend #2 just seemed like a very logical pair.

So if they want to make a go of it, more power to them. Mazel tov, said he, in spite of his documented Methodism.

If you hadn’t guessed the Paul-Harvey-esque “rest of the story” already, … good. If you have, … then you know what I’m about to write.


Friend #1 obviously loves her friend very much. And Friend #2 … seems to love her friend just as much.


Not a damn thing wrong with it.


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  1. Yup! Not a damn thing wrong with this!

    Comment by Joe McCoy | November 11, 2012 | Reply

  2. I didn’t see it coming – how lovely and charming, too.

    Comment by hilary | November 12, 2012 | Reply

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  4. […] to distract from the fact that these two clearly love each other more than they love air … but they also couldn’t have pulled off this wedding in some US states. Good fortune did […]

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  5. Right on, Rob. Your starred thought could also be applied to other institutions of our knowledge!

    Comment by Nancy Hammerton | January 3, 2015 | Reply

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