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Making a List… (or, Taking It For Granite, Part 4)

As promised (or, depending upon your viewpoint, as threatened), a gentle and completely unscientific, disorderly, incomplete, stream-of-consciousness-based list of things that I’m thankful for.  Testing.  Testing.  Is this thing on?…


Family gatherings that I can look forward to.

Gainful employment.

The freedom to write essays about what I wish, about subjects I wish, when I wish to write it, and the freedom to post that writing where I like. For today, I will not fret about what online spy software is keeping track of that writing, for purposes of targeted advertising or targeted national security activities.

A niece and nephew who crack me up.

A day off (of sorts) today.

Friends who crack me up – albeit more often online than in person, but this is oft-times unavoidable.

Friends who ask me to write tunes for them.

Students who ask me great questions about the copyright implications of my writing tunes for my friends.

Technology that allows me to make believe I’ve made recordings of my tunes with professional musicians that live in a recording studio in my house. (I oughta be a sales rep for Sibelius software, I swear.)

A mother who shows no signs whatever of slowing down, and memories of a father who lots of people should wish had been their dad.

The opportunity to vote for people I want to vote for.

The opportunity to stand in a relatively short line to do so.

People who are willing to read my writing.

People who are willing to click a virtual button and thereby admit publicly that they Like my writing.

People who are willing to click another virtual button and open their online defenses, which is to say, subscribe to this blog and subject themselves directly to the rantings published herein.

A local driving range whose existence has allowed me to figure out how to hit a golf ball from one end zone to (and beyond) the other one.

A thrift store that sells working golf clubs for less money than I would spend on lunch at your average T.G.I. Applebee’s Olive Garden.

The Rachel Maddow Show audio podcast.

A sister who is more fiercely protective of her brother than her brother is sometimes; and a brother-in-law who is so not your stereotypical intolerable brother-in-law. (I could have done SO much worse in that department.)

Summer opportunities to teach alongside a number of brilliant teachers (most of them far less heralded than they ought to be).

Summer opportunities to teach alongside a number of people who regularly make me laugh in a very silly way.

Former teachers with whom I am still in contact.

Students who make me laugh unexpectedly.

A college band experience that taught me the sorts of things I needed to know in order to be successful in either of two career paths … and that introduced me to people I now call lifelong friends. Woo Minutemen.

The brief but unforgettable experience of helping to provide a college band experience for other people. Woo ‘Saders.

Friends with whom I seamlessly resume conversations after weeks, months, or years of separation.

A church choir which I can count on to produce, week after week: beautiful music … a community of caring … and belly laughs.

A church music group that has allowed me to become a slightly better than hopeless bass player.

Friends who have the ability to make me smile, buck up my courage, and feel honored to know them, just by writing a one-sentence Facebook message.

Friends whose snark has rubbed off on me just enough.

Administrators – bosses, essentially! – for whom I am inspired to work hard. (Yes, I have them.)

A working car, and a trustworthy mechanic.

A roof over my head. A dry basement under my feet. Electricity. Food (albeit slightly bachelor-y food) in the fridge. And a fridge.



Patient readers.


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  1. Good stuff as always!

    Comment by Joe McCoy | November 23, 2012 | Reply

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