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Rob Hammerton, music educator etc.

A Weak Force (or, Moon Doggerel)

My astronomy

Professor called gravity

A fairly weak force”


When the Moon is at

Full phase, it’s a brilliant sphere

Of bright blue-white glow


But between those times

When the Moon is in new phase

It’s a different thing


Then it’s nothing more

Than a curved sliver of light

Or is it really?



Kicks in, and I envision

The rest of the Moon


Sometimes I can see,

Almost, the rest of the sphere

(Which must weigh a lot)


A faintly diff’rent shade

of night-sky from the night sky

(Somehow staying Up)


Briefly the mind reels

It doesn’t look all that far

For a Moon to fall


And I’m six again

Attempting to imagine

What keeps that hulk Up?



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