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Hold Off, Part 3A -or- Note To Self

A couple of days ago, I published a piece in this space which, I admit, could be seen as rather “look-down-your-nose” … as something of an “I’m so much of a better person than this other person” screed … as a classic piece of self-inflating claptrap.

I don’t think it was quite that “lookit meeeeeee!”; but I grant you, it could be taken that way.

I was commenting on the recent takedown of the Obama daughters by a Congressional staffer which, as so many viral items do, was first noted on an Internet news analysis website – but, unlike most of those clickbait-titled items (“Fifteen Photos That Will Blow Your Mind”), it was picked up by the New York Daily News and commented upon by the Washington Post, and after that, well, it was off to the races.

My point was: be careful what you post. Because even if you thought it was funny or meaningful or pointed in and of itself, in a vacuum … well, it might be worthwhile to let it sit and marinate for awhile, such that you can look at it in the cold morning light and still think it’s appropriate to post or publish or say.

The aforementioned Congressional staffer’s aforementioned takedown was at least nominally driven by how she thought the Obama daughters weren’t dressed in a classy enough way for the White House event they were attending, and how she thought they ought to “dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar.” In short, yes, they’re in their “awful teen years”, but they should still project an image of class, dignity, and appropriateness. So sayeth the Congressional staffer.

The Congressional staffer is now famous for that takedown and nothing else.

Well … almost nothing else.

The Republican congressional aide who castigated the Obama daughters for their lack of ‘class’ and dressing as if they were angling for a ‘spot at a bar’ was once arrested for larceny during her own ‘awful teen years,’ court records show.”

My first thought, after reading this: “Glass houses, folks.”

My next thought, thereafter: the slogan from one of those wonderful De-motivation posters. “It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.”

My original point stands.


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