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There was a time, you know, when I frankly couldn’t have imagined saying “I’ve written a musical theater show!” … let alone, “we’re just a fortnight away from putting up the third one that I’ve written.”

But here we are.

Thanks to a series of interesting brainstorms involving the founders of Bellingham Children’s Theater (of Massachusetts — there’s another one, out in the Pacific Northwest, but this is THIS one, not THAT one!).  BCT is an outfit for whom I have had the pleasure of musically-accompanying since 1999, … hey kids, let’s put on a show!

This one happens to be the 35th year that that BCT has produced a musical in late spring. An organization like this doesn’t just magically achieve such longevity without having some clue as to how to do it right – and do they ever have said clue.

The end result of those curious brainstorms is a cautionary-tale of a musical that tries to address these Crucial Issues Of Our Time: When does technology help, and when does it hinder? … Are computers and social media the first human invention that needs children to explain it to adults? … and … Does interactive technology keep people from interacting?

Only with a laugh track.  (Which, of course, could be you!)

Stylistically, the best way I can describe this show is: “A Very Special Episode of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In”.

It’s called “Reset”. Unofficially, I have offered the alternate title of “Tech Theatre”, which is a joke aimed at a smaller subset of humanity; but either way, by the end of the thing, the very present question is: in the struggle between us puny humans and our mighty technology, who’s going to prevail?

And as with a lot of technology, by the end of the thing it’s going to be obsolete. I think I’m only half-joking. In the time since it was written, we’ve seen and then discarded at least half a dozen Important Memes Of Our Time, including the “Crying Piccolo Player” and the Apple Watch.

And it’s curtain-up in two weeks! Or less, depending on when you’re reading this. And I’d love for you to come to our air-conditioned theater (a very helpful technology in New England’s version of June) and have a laugh or two, and admire the cast of about fifteen talented children and their instructors – who, after producing my previous two musicals, somehow still wanted me to help create a third one!

So, here’s an invite for anyone interested (and/or you can check out the glitzy PR page attached here for more details):

WHAT: “RESET (or, Tech Theatre)”

WHEN: Friday & Saturday, June 19 & 20, 2015 (7 PM curtain; doors open at 6:30pm)

WHERE: Bellingham (MA) High School

TICKETS: $(I need to find this out!, but you won’t have to take out a second mortgage); discount for younger persons

How to get there: From the Mass. Pike: Take Rt. 495 south … take Exit 17 (“Rt 140 – Franklin/Bellingham”) … follow Rt 140 North for ~2 miles … Blackstone St. is the 2nd set of lights inside Bellingham, just past the “Cottman Transmission” sign (…if you get to the intersection of Rts. 140 & 126, you’ve overshot) … Bellingham HS is on your left (after the Fire Dept. and Senior Center).

Or, fittingly, program your car’s GPS device. See? It takes work to keep up!!

Hope to see you there.



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