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It Pains Me

It pains me to have to use this topic for the 300th essay to be published on this blog.  Which this is.

It pains me to have to give the alleged human being, of whom I’m thinking, any publicity at all, honestly. So I won’t even invoke his name.

This has to be done, though.

Essay #301 will have to be the happy-clappy one.


The man lives for publicity. He lives for the getting of attention, even more than he lives for the acquisition of money or things.

In a previously published piece, I referred to him as a “circus act”.  A nationally-published columnist on his side of the political spectrum has referred to him as a “bloviating ignoramus”.

Too kind, by exponential values, I think.

With regard only to his campaign for President: to the extent that he ever even had me, he lost me almost immediately. Mexican immigrants all being rapists, or some such.

He and his campaign seemed to survive that.

Then it was the mocking of a sitting US Senator, based on the fact that he’d been a prisoner of war (which branded him a “loser”, or some such).

The man, remarkably, seemed to survive that too. In fact, he has survived the utterance and subsequent worldwide reporting of a startling number of startling statements that, in another era, would each singly have summarily ended their author’s campaign for elected office. At least.

Not in this era, though.

Somehow, amazingly, there appear to be a sizable number of Americans for whom this isn’t even a criterion anymore. So this man is still considered a viable candidate for the highest elected office in the land.

A friend and colleague of mine, who has often constructed creative ways of expressing the thought “ugh”, put it this way, this week:

The willingness to ‘speak one’s mind’ is only a virtue to the extent that the content of one’s mind is of any value.”


So, with a sigh, we ask: what’d he say now?

In spite of the great probability that we will all look back upon this blog post, shake our heads, and murmur, “we had no idea how much lower it could go” …

This one ought to do it. It should do it. In another, saner universe, it would do it.

I will admit that I didn’t watch Thursday night’s Republican presidential-candidate debate live. I was in a movie theater watching high school and college kids run around on a football field, tooting horns, banging drums, waving flags, and sweating a lot – an activity which was a whole lot more dignified (and constructive) than the replayed debate exchanges I watched the next day.

But during the debate, Fox News personality Megyn Kelly seemed to have been assigned, or perhaps she actively sought, the role of designated inquisitor of the multimillionaire businessman and television-reality-show star who is running for President this time around. And she applied herself to it most doggedly, and with a look in her eye and an edge in her voice which suggested that she wanted to take him down, and not just because her employer probably wished this. Among the questions she put to him were a couple of references to the ways in which he has previously referred to women, and whether he thought anyone who was willing to say such things belonged anywhere near the Oval Office on a regular basis.

I’m not Ms. Kelly’s biggest fan. As has been chronicled hereabouts, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the cable channel that employs her; and I have been unimpressed with many of Ms. Kelly’s performances upon it.  She’s appeared to want to take a number of other people down, and I haven’t appreciated it.

But that doesn’t mean I think she deserves the treatment she got from the multimillionaire businessman, during and immediately following the debate.

Because when this particular multimillionaire businessman thinks that you’ve disrespected him, or that you’ve questioned his sagacity or his cleverness or his qualifications for being President, or that you’ve questioned anything about him all.

He insults you on Twitter.

In such a way that it makes one genuinely wonder if he’s subcontracted out his Twitter feed to a fifth-grader.

…She is totally overrated and angry. She really bombed tonite”

Wow, @megynkelly really bombed tonight. People are going wild on Twitter! Funny to watch.”

I really enjoyed the debate tonight even though the @FoxNews trio, especially @megynkelly, was not very good or professional!”

Well, ya know, sticks and stones and all that. If American politics – heck, if American discourse – has been anything over the last two hundred-plus years, it’s been laden with insult. Anywhere from H.L. Mencken and Mark Twain to verbal pies in the face, if you’re looking for the sublime or the subhuman, you can find it.

And if you’re a public figure … or even a public blogger! … you should be prepared for the occasional verbal jab, deserved or not. Kinda comes with the turf.


This multimillionaire businessman, though.

Time Magazine tried to remain calmly journalistic:

In a call-in interview on CNN Friday, the real estate mogul said Fox News host Megyn Kelly was ‘off base’ when she asked him about derogatory comments he has made about women, his past support for abortion and his criticism of his Republican opponents.

‘She gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions,’ he told CNN host Don Lemon. ‘You know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her … wherever. In my opinion, she was off base.’”

The online philosopher Uproxx.com, on the other hand, cut right to the chase:

When talking to Don Lemon about the debate, The Donald said that Megyn Kelly had ‘blood coming out of her…whatever’ during the debate. He might have meant eyes (because he’d just been talking about eyes), but it’s possible (nay, likely!) that our future president was letting everyone know that Kelly was on her period.”

Sorry. I got nothin’.

I thought I’d be able to dredge up a smart remark in response to this jaw-dropper. But my jaw hasn’t finished dropping yet.

So, dear reader, you’ll just have to deal with multiple ellipses – the blog equivalent of dead air (and a radio producer scrambling for a pre-recorded anything to play instead).

Anyway, let’s be quite clear about this.

This crosses a line, back over which the multimillionaire should not, logically, be able to retreat.

I know; the line has not only been crossed over the last few months, it’s been trampled upon, had dirt kicked on top of it, been taken out behind the shed and subjected to enhanced interrogation, and been thrown off a cliff into the raging rapids below, likely never to be seen again unless they make a sequel.

But man!

Megyn Kelly was a bad debate moderator (open for argument) and asked disrespectful questions (again, open for argument) because it’s that time of the month?


Maybe it’s because (again, as has been chronicled hereabouts) I spent my childhood, youth, college years, and all the years directly following, surrounded by women who unquestionably earned my respect – not that they needed to do any specific things in order to deserve that respect, as they are, you know, humans.

Not to mention surrounded by women who possess various versions, loud and soft, of the knack for handing it back to those who need it handed back to them.

[On a related note: a little tiny part of me would love to see the multimillionaire get involved in a nationally-televised debate with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as I suspect that the only thing left of him afterward might be his hairpiece. But until Presidential primary voting is complete, I can only create this glorious tableau inside my head. Mmmmmmmmm. Ah well.]

Maybe it’s because there are subjects upon which people on the male side of the gender line will never ever be competent to comment.

Maybe it’s because this multimillionaire businessman (in the same way as many many others) is accustomed to operating in an environment within which he’s allowed to say any old damn-fool thing he wants. Because he’s perceived to have all the power. And because his yes-men will always and forever help him to believe that he and his ideas are funny or wise or smart or clever or right (because if those poor saps don’t … well, you know what they say to people who are about to lose their jobs).

(My Lord, once upon a time this man even judged that he’d date his own daughter, if she weren’t actually his own daughter. He made that judgment on her physical merits. Out loud. Near a microphone.)

But in what rational world does anyone even think this sort of thing, let alone broadcast it to the world and identify it as one’s own, in the midst of a national television interview?

This one, I guess.

“…You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her … wherever.”

Holy frak. He really went there. With only a slight pause to choose his terminology, presumably for the benefit of the faint of heart at Broadcast Standards.

Guy didn’t even have the balls to say “vagina”.

[Editor’s Note: Dear Reader, the Blogger didn’t seriously imagine that he would write that last sentence. Not even as it became clear that he was going to have to write about this subject, even in the wider context of modern political discourse. The word just appeared, and appealed, in the moment.

[The Blogger is not accustomed to accessing that sort of anatomical vocabulary. … You will perhaps recall the trepidation with which he wrote about underinflated footballs, some time ago.

[Those who prefer that the Blogger would have used the term “testicles” may register your dismay in the comment section.

[Balls. Really.]


We ought to be done with this man.

We ought to be done with ever having to deal with him ever again.

We certainly ought to be done talking about him as a candidate for Leader of the Free World and/or Dignified Representative of Our Government and Our Country in That World Which Will Judge Us Based On Our Leadership.

But we’re not. And we won’t be. For reasons that entirely escape me. (The guy isn’t even dependent upon billionaire donors to keep his candidacy afloat, like other governors, senators and neurosurgeons are – but that’s not among the reasons that escape me.)

So, a note to my Future Self:

As you look back at Ye Olde Blogge, and come upon this essay, and shake your head in wonderment at your Past Self’s naivete … please take pity on this poor soul. In his current location in the space-time continuum, he frankly can’t fathom the knowledge that you now possess … the answer that you hold in your mind to the question:

What could possibly top this?


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  1. Consider this one blessing: the crass son of a gun got us Bloom County back.

    Comment by danielkatz2014 | August 8, 2015 | Reply

  2. Two questions keep coming to mind about this. The first is the obvious, “How can anyone be taking him seriously?” The second is, “What does his lead in the polls say about all the other Republican candidates?”

    Comment by Steve Robinson | August 9, 2015 | Reply

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