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A Brief Pause to Remember

[Ed. Note: I posted the following thoughts on Facebook a year ago today; and was reminded of that posting this morning, thanks to Facebook’s curious habit of telling people exactly what they said a year, two years, five years, etc., etc., ago. So, on the occasion of a particularly premature passing … I’ve adjusted just one word (to reflect the passage of time), and here it is: a tip of the cap.]


The color guard guy and the arranger were sitting at the bar, in the West Chester (PA) Holiday Inn, the night before DMA got going. The conversation wound around to designing field shows. The color guard guy looked over at the arranger, and said, “Really – the way you write makes my job so much easier.”

It might have been the first time the arranger had known for sure that the color guard guy thought he was actually okay.

The arranger accepted the compliment, but raised his eyebrows a bit: he hadn’t done anything *consciously*, while writing, to cause life to be easier for the color guard guy. (The arranger was, however, relieved, because he had seen what it could be like when the color guard guy *didn’t* think you were okay. He could be, um, lacerative.)

The arranger is pleased to report, though, that since then he has paid much more attention to the visual elements of marching shows.

He hopes the color guard guy has noticed; although he suspects that the color guard guy has his hands full dealing with the color guard of “the Pride of the Great Beyond”.

It’s been exactly seven years, which feels like both forever-ago and just-yesterday. Curious how that is.

Miss ya, Donnie.


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