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The 31-Day Blog Challenge, Day 2: Facts


As adapted from a Facebook “26 Things About Me” exercise, something of an extended acrostic. … Speaking of the Time Suck, as I was yesterday…

[1] A: Age? Seven squared.

[2] D: Drink you last had? Polar Orange Dry. Party time. Woot.

[3] E: Every day starts with? A groan as I attempt to get out of bed. It was so easy when I was 12.

[4] F: Favorite song? Just now? A tie between “La Vie En Rose” [itself a tie between Louis Armstrong’s and Anat Cohen‘s covers] and Imagine Dragons’ “On Top of the World (eh!)”.

[5] H: Hometown? Born in Somerville, NJ, but raised in Wayland, MA.

[6] J: Jealous of? Anyone in the tropics right now. (Please to forgive, but right now in central Massachusetts, May 2 feels like March 22. Cripe.)

[7] K: Killed someone, ever? Only with kindness.

[8] M: Middle name? Geoffrey. Spelled the English way, thank you!

[9] N: Number of siblings? One. Awesome. Sister.

[10] O: One wish? Money out of politics. Secondarily: crazies out of politics. Not sure which is the greater challenge at this point.

[11] P: Person you last called? As it happens, a friend from way back with whom I have happily re-connected after, shall we say, a hiatus. Nothing so mundane as “the gas company”.

[12] Q: Question you’re always asked? “What’d you say?” Soft-spoken, I am.

[13] R: Reason to smile? Every time my nephew bangs his drum set and/or every time my niece cracks a joke (or plays circles around the nearest other oboist).

[14] S: Song last sung? “Cantique de Jean Racine”, by Gabriel Faure (given my French pronunciation, it was just as well that I was facing the choir, not the congregation).

[15] T: Time you woke up today? Woke up, or got up?

[16] U: Underwear color? …Clean.

[17] V: Vacation destination? West Chester, PA, baby!! … Except, for the first summer since 1998, not this summer. Boo, and hiss.

[18] X: X-Rays you’ve had? Not so many that I glow in the dark.

[19] Z: Zodiac sign? Leo is on the air!! (Sorry. Verrrry obscure.)

[20] Here’s a fact: usually I give these lists a wide berth.


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