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The 31-Day Blog Challenge, Day Seven: Nom Nom Nom

Back in October of last year, research was conducted regarding the question “What are Americans’ 50 favorite foods?”

This is perilous. In general, any time I hear about a study or research being conducted, I want to know who funded the project. Follow the money! In this case, it was a company called “Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs”, for whatever that’s worth. I instantly prepared to see the top ten foods being some variation on the mighty egg (follow the egg!), but it turns out no. Also, I foolishly read some of the comment section (stupid, stupid, stupid!) and the very first comment was “This list is total BS”, and as with all lists, that might be true, or not. You can make the call, and so can I.

The blog challenge writing prompt for the day is:

31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE, DAY 7: [Your] 10 Favorite Foods

So I shall draw my ten favorite foods from that list (or create proper related variations). I’ll end up leaving some favorites off this list, but this is all so unscientific that it won’t matter. Those foods that don’t make this cut know that I still love them.

#1 on the list was steak. I’m OK with that; the only time I ever had filet mignon was at the Boston University men’s hockey post-season banquet many years ago, to which a I and a couple other representatives of the BU Pep Band had been invited, and why yes! I would love to go, and why yes! I would love to experience steak that you don’t even have to cut with a knife, it’s that pleasantly-prepared. Wowww.

#3 on the list was pizza. This is way too generic a listing. I remember being bowled over, in college, by my first encounter with Hawaiian pizza. What? Someone puts ham and pineapple on pizza and calls it good? … Oh dear Lord YES, they sure do. In Hawaii, I don’t know; but here, yes.

#7 on the list was bacon. Do these researchers know nothing? That’s about six places too low. Lock me in a room with a BLT, and only one of us is making it out of there alive. Yummm.

#10 on the list was pasta. Again, far too wide-angle. If NASA had used alfredo sauce to glue its thermal-protection tiles onto the Space Shuttles, they’d have never had all those issues. Fettucine alfredo, for the win.

#11 on the list was pineapple. Highest-ranked fruit on the list. I didn’t know so many people agreed with me.

#13 on the list was hamburgers. Americans, you’re getting weird on me. Wasn’t there a time when burgers were THE American food? And apple pie is nowhere on the list. Please. My mother’s apple pie could end war ‘n’ stuff.

#17 on the list was chocolate. This is too low a ranking for me. But in this case, not too generic. There is next to no food on the planet that involves chocolate that I will not entertain.

#18 on the list was blueberries. Stick them in pancakes and I’m a happy morning person.

#19 on the list was salmon, and it reminded me of swordfish. So, either.

#21 on the list was ice cream. Again, that’s a pretty wide swath we’re cutting here. Ready for this off-the-beaten-track thought? Black raspberry ice cream. Trust me.

#27 on the list was sweet potatoes. I say: sweet potato fries.

I’ve come to the end of my top ten. I must continue. Call me a cheater; I can take it.

#30 on the list was candy. Sorry, I don’t think that’s a food. I get a freebie!

#34 on the list was eggs. In a study funded by an egg processing company. I say eggs need a better publicist.

#38 on the list was prawns. … … I got nothin’.

#49 on the list was “sweet corn”, and I would like to step up here and just say: creamed corn. Really. Since I was a little kid, this has been high, high, HIGH on my list.  I believe you could still ply me with that. I may still BE a little kid. But it doesn’t matter. Yummm.

#50 on the list … ready? …

Rice pudding.

I don’t get that at all. Not that I don’t like rice pudding; I actually do, though it probably helps that I’m the son of an Englishman. But here’s why I don’t get it:

Macaroni and cheese is nowhere on that list, and rice pudding is? Did mac and cheese lose the play-in game in Dayton?


(A friend of mine and I have determined that there are three categories of questions: fluffy, semi-fluffy, and serious. This has been your Fluffy Question Moment. Thank you.)


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