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The 31-Day Blog Challenge, Day Nine: Ouch

Today’s blog challenge writing prompt:

31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE, DAY 9: Piercings and tattoos?

Yeah? What about ‘em?


Sailors and motorcycle gang members. That’s who had tattoos, I thought, when I was a little kid. Well, heck, stereotypes and TV shows were pretty much all I had to go on. I knew hardly anyone who had a tattoo.

These days, the clientele for body art has expanded out to include, well, lots and lots of nearly everybody, it seems. And I have no problem with this. I read somewhere, once, that that one motivation for getting a tattoo may be the whole “I’m the kind who LIKES the pain!” idea. At least, I’m tough enough to deal with pain as a mere nuisance, etc.

I’m not, though.

No pain, no gain; I know. Heard that one. But surely there are some circumstances in which one would not wish to inflict pain on one’s self on purpose?

For me, at least, the other thing is – new zippy laser-tattoo-removal technologies aside – it’s pretty danged permanent, I would think. Ya gotta know that’s what you want, where you want it, for pretty much the duration.

Life is harder to predict than that, I would think. Things change. Tastes change. Life partners, alas, change.

But who am I to tell other people what to do, in this regard? Nobody, that’s who.


And then there’s piercings.

Again, ow.

That’s me talking. Other people will have different opinions. Your mileage may vary.

Ears are standard. Have been since before I was a little guy. As with a lot of cultural norms, if you step back and look at it dispassionately enough – as if you were an extraterrestrial alien visiting Earth, or perhaps as if you were doing a Bob Newhart-style standup routine – pierced ears are just odd. Dangle jewelry off your earlobes? Really? This is fashionable? Certainly not logical.

To each their own, y’know.

Then when I was in college, I got used to seeing pierced noses, and lower lips. Some eyebrows, too. And tongue piercing, which is something I simply do not wish to think about. As are the piercings and subsequent metallic decoration of sundry locations south of the collarbone.

Ow, ow, owwww.


But I don’t wish to deny other people the right to decide what they want to do with their own bodies.

Certainly we shouldn’t make laws about it, or anything. How absurd.


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