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The 31-Day Blog Challenge, Day Eleven: Pride Goeth…

Today’s writing prompt:

31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE, DAY 11: Most proud moment?


Pride goeth before a fall.

Hubris, and all that.

So for a very long time, I’ve been a little hesitant around the idea of “being proud of” people or things or achievements. Mine … or anybody else’s (and is it presumptuous to be proud of someone else’s achievement? … I so need to relax).

Maybe I overthink this.

But perhaps I can make an exception if the pride is directed toward the accomplishments of people I was working with at the time. This would imply a certain amount of basking in a certain amount of glow, but only that. Maybe.

Well, let’s see …


I have already described the UMass marching band going into the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis and showing the Bands of America Grand Nationals audience a thing or two about how to do this college band thing (and yes, they played a couple of my arrangements; but THEY played the heck out of them. I didn’t).

I’ve already described the Holy Cross marching band taking a trip to the University of Delaware and playing nice with a college band ten times their size (and yes, I was their director at the time, but THEY took the positively crazy itinerary that I set before them and made it a Trip for the Ages; I just made sure they cleaned out the bus afterward).

I’ve also made mention of the Christmas Cantata that I wrote three years ago, which the church choir with whom I do my church-gigging made to sound like real music. I’ve mentioned the three children’s musicals that I’ve written, with the encouragement of the children’s theater company for whom I happily toil (and the second of them, a little opus that was sorta West Side Story as viewed through a barnyard fowl lens, might have been my perfect storm of silly; I will say that).

And honestly, I am nothing but humbled to be surrounded by the elite company of the other UMass and Holy Cross bands’ halls of fame. I can never say strongly enough how big a deal it is to have been slipped in, amongst the Hannums and Klesches and Principes of the world. No fooling. Sometimes I kinda shake my head in wonderment.


I think, though, that … whether I’m observing one of them playing circles around all the other oboes in the room … or whether I’m listening to one of them play a drum set in a way that no not-quite-ten-year-old should be able to play (except that the kid practices his heart out) … or I’m watching one of them throw baseballs *right to me*, with a certain amount of *zip* … or I’m listening to one of them step to the church’s lectern and function as a Sunday morning service liturgist quite ably thank you very much (even if she’s not in high school yet) …

… truly, I think my most proud moments are when I watch my niece and nephew do their thing. Sometimes their “thing” is musical or sporting or some other kind of activity. Other times their “thing” is being truly decent people — treating people younger than they are very sweetly indeed, or hanging out with their peers in a way that makes you think it might be okay that “children are our future”, or interacting with adults in a way that belies their relative youth.

So, with the understanding that I am deeply, deeply biased about this one particular topic …

I’m just proud to be able to say, “I’m the uncle.”

And I can’t wait to find out what’s going to be the next thing each of them do, that will make me doubly proud to say so.

Not hubris, but admiration, then.


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