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The 31-Day Blog Challenge, Day Fourteen: What You Carry With You

Today’s writing prompt:

31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE, DAY 14: “What is in my handbag?”


With only a slight adjustment – when I go out in the world, I carry a shoulder bag that was designed for a laptop, and I don’t own a laptop, but I did fetch this laptop bag in exchange for what I would consider a financial pittance – here’s what I’m finding, as I open the bag and carry out an inventory.


A couple of pens. Helpful.

A camera. Not a cellphone camera, a real actual (deck-of-cards-size) (doesn’t do anything but take pictures and video) camera.

An MBTA Charlie Card. Likely with no value left on it. Cute though.

Bottle of sunblock. Crucial, at least for one-third of the year in New England.

My Kindle Keyboard. A piece of (relatively) new technology that still manages to look antique. It was a very kind gift from a very kind person, and it’s my cheapskate way of checking Facebook on the go! Oh, and of reading things.

A few scraps of paper with almost-intelligible notes and inspirations about an upcoming musical project. More on this another day.

A manila folder and a clipboard full of church choir anthems, most of which have been in my shoulder bag for months now … have not come out of there … and therefore I’m carrying them around seemingly to no productive end. I’m actually somewhat surprised that more items in my shoulder bag don’t fall under that description. At one time, as it related to my life, it was pretty metaphorical. Not so much now, I guess.


Thank you for reading this compelling piece of literature. Please accept my reassurance that future writing prompts will yield more interesting and meaningful results.


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