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The 31-Day Blog Challenge, Day Fifteen: What Am I Doing?

Today’s writing prompt:

31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE, DAY 15: “Timeline of my day”.

Fine. Let’s take today, shall we?


6:00 AM … alarm goes off. Amazingly, I get up.

7:00 AM … in the car and away, to the east.

7:40 AM … arrive at my church gig. I am alone in the parking lot, which is not a surprise, because it’s still Absurd O’Clock. Go in, determine that there’s no special musical furniture to set up for the morning’s service.

8:20 AM … rehearse a couple of quick musical items with my musical partner-in-crime (-slash- brother-in-law) and niece for an event later in the day.

8:23 AM … done with that. Efficiency!

8:30 AM … begin the choir “early bird” session. Earlier this program year, we began offering a 15-minute extra session for the benefit of the folks who travel for business during the week and can’t get to Thursday night rehearsal. Not only are people not abusing the opportunity (i.e., “oh, I don’t feel like going to choir Thursday; I’ll just catch up Sunday morning”) … lots of people who did get to rehearsal are showing up to the early bird session, just to get one more chance to live with the notes and rhythms. Such that, for the first month or two, people who showed up on time for the “official” 8:45 AM start time looked around, worried that they were late. … I’ll take it!

9:30 AM … Sunday service begins. And progresses. Choir delivers two anthems – gliding neatly through Harold Friedell’s “Draw Us In the Spirit’s Tether”, and fighting hard for every note in our a cappella rendition of Thomas Tallis’ “If Ye Love Me”. Gads I love these folks. And they sing pretty too.

11:00 AM … extra-lengthy service (full of Confirmation liturgy and such) concludes. While many people rush for coffee hour, a few of us gather in the choir room to rehearse a quick musical item for next week’s afternoon concert-series date. More on that item in a separate post!

11:40 AM … hit the road, bound for a congregation couple’s house, wherein the annual “staff appreciation lunch” will occur.

12:00 PM … our staff/parish relations committee appreciates the staff; the staff appreciates them. And the spread. Yummmm.

1:40 PM … hit the road again, bound for the sound check for the Composers Concert held by the Worcester chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

2:40 PM … probably thanks to a poor choice of route, arrive there 20 minutes later than I wanted to. Just about get things set up by the time …

3:00 PM … concert starts.

4:30 PM … concert ends. Briefly we stand, smile, chat, say “yay concert”, and realize we’re all (sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, mother) really hungry.

5:00 PM … arrive and immediately get seated at a very fine Worcester seafood eatery, and stuff our faces – I may not eat again until 9 o’clock. Tomorrow morning. Yummmm.

6:20 PM … return home, and begin writing the day’s 31-Day Blog Challenge item.


Many of my weekdays are not as busy as this particular Sunday.


This is the life.


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