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The 31-Day Blog Challenge, Day Twenty-Three: Drives Me Crazy

Today’s writing prompt:

31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE, DAY 23: “pet peeves”.

(Well, this won’t get snippy and snarky and Andy-Rooney-esque; not at all…)


Didja ever notice … how irritating the following things are? … Well, they are to me, anyway.  Your mileage may vary:

[] People who walk through a supermarket or department store front door and then STOP to try and figure it out. Inevitably, I’m walking behind them, and subsequently I need to perform some exciting, Olga Korbut-grade gymnastics to avoid plowing into these people, because of course the collision would be MY fault.

[] Internet photo/caption memes that are entirely worth sharing and re-posting except for the massive grammatical error in the text.

[] Negative political ads. Although I may have to make an exception this fall. In fact I may make a few of my own.

[] Renditions of the National Anthem that include any of the following: [1] the world “perilous” pronounced “pair-oh-less” … [2] a giant breath taken between “Oh, say, does that Star-Spangled” and “Banner yet wave” … [3] the singer going to great lengths to “make it his/her own”, stylistically, and only succeeding in making it unrecognizable to those of who thought the song was ours too.

[] Oddly enough, the song “She Drives Me Crazy”.


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