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The 31-Day Blog Challenge, Day Twenty-Six: The Pen Is Mightier…

Yesterday’s writing prompt (there was a legit reason why I missed my deadline!):

31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE, DAY 26: “5 favorite blogs”.

As you perhaps have come to expect, I shall take one tiny liberty with this topic, if I may. Limiting this to just five favorite blogs is difficult. So I thought I’d list five favorite blogs written by people I know … and then five favorite blogs written by people I don’t know personally.

Still tough to get down to five each. But I shall bear up bravely…


By people I know:

A Different Kind of Beautiful”, a blog mainly about issues of music education from the perspective of my middle-school music teachin’ friend Joe Wright, who is down in the trenches all the time.

Sarv Blog”, the blog about Delaware music and Drum Major Academy thoughts and basset hounds and whatever else leaps to mind, by the estimable Prof. Heidi I. Sarver. I’ve linked to her posts a time or two here.

The blog section of the website of “J.H. Language Solutions”, a little business started up by Julie Gniadek, who in addition to being a pretty engaging writer and a standup citizen happens to be a former student of mine.

The blog section of the website of “Soothe Massage Therapy”, a little business started up by my friend (and erstwhile BU Band staff colleague) (and neighbor!, what are the odds?) Jenn Durkin. She never fails to make me snarf whatever I’m drinking as I read.

The eponymous blog of Daniel S. Katz, Ph.D. By day, a educator of educators at Seton Hall University. By night, a dogged blogger on the subject of Trends in Education Today, which means manning the parapets in defense of American public schools. Not only should he probably wear a cape and a cowl – that’s how hard he fights in support of the concept – but he wields that most insidious of weapons, actual research.

So go click on those links and give them the business! You won’t regret it.


And now for the folks I’d like to one day know personally (yeah, not super likely):

Steve Benen, the head writer of MaddowBlog, the online repository of all things goofy in politics attached to The Rachel Maddow Show. Eh, Benen or Maddow, I’ll take either.

Driftglass, a Midwest-based writer who for some time now has been wielding a pen in the effort to alert folks to various left-leaning political concepts. He’s a fun read, but it’s NSFW on the grounds of language. But he is impassioned, and thorough, and usually very funny.

The Rude Pundit … by day a community-college professor of literature; by night easily the filthiest writer of left-leaning and common-sensical political commentary that I’ve ever ever EVER read. If the aforementioned Driftglass is NSFW for reasons of language, The Rude Pundit is easily twenty times as NSFW for reasons of language and holy crap did he just write that?! If you click through and read, trust me when I tell you it’s not for the faint of heart, and don’t say I didn’t warn you. At the end of each article, you’ll be washing out your brain with soap, and I’m really seriously not joking about that … but there’s a great chance that if you can still form thoughts of your own, and you can peel away the layers of NSFW filth, foul and your filthin’ foul, your reaction may well be along the lines of “…yeah, but he’s right.”

(In the interest of maintaining a family blog-reading environment, I have linked you to one of his less profane recent articles. If you want to read the rest of his stuff … that’s on you. I’m serious. It’s great, but you may need a hazmat suit. Really. So why do I like his stuff? Because this is a decent person writing in an indecent manner.)

The blog section of Bear McCreary‘s website. McCreary is the film and TV composer responsible for scoring shows like the Battlestar Galactica reboot, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Human Target, and the Walking Dead. An absolute gold mine for a film-score nerd like what I am: he talks about things like orchestration and exotic instrumentation and the behind-the-scenes of film and TV musicmaking … and goes so far as to post notation of the various motifs he creates for various characters and concepts on the shows he writes for. It’s just dang cool.

And finally, the Politics Blog on Esquire.com, written nearly exclusively by the Boston area’s own local treasure, Charlie Pierce. If you’re a “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me” listener, you occasionally get a little taste of his approach to current events. If you visit this blog, you’ll get five or six sharp, smart and very very funny politics essays a day. And sometimes his essays aren’t funny at all, but rather aggrieved and incredulous, and those are even better.


So. There ya go. People I try to take my literary cues from.

(Except the Rude Pundit. Zzzzzoiks.)


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