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Rob Hammerton, music educator etc.

I Know Rhymes; I Have the Best Rhymes

Again, “for the sake of the Republic, we must defeat Donald Trump by any means possible.
Therefore, my daily goal during these last seven weeks before Election Day will be to post [on my Facebook page] poetry decrying the awfulness that is Donald Trump.

My little contribution.”

[For reference by future scholars who unearth this text, once thought lost forever: in the second week of this experiment came the first 2016 Presidential debate.]


Wednesday, September 28: Today’s Trump Haiku:

I supported –WRONG!

ON my website is a –WRONG!

Let me say –WRONG! WRONG!


Thursday, September 29: Today’s Trump Couplets (in 6/8):

Blustering bullying lug

Oily arrogant mug

Clearly wears a rug

His cape needs a tug

Needs to be CRUSHED [electorally] like a BUG

(God, I need a hug)


Friday, September 30: Today’s Trump Couplet (iambic pentameter rocks!):

The only good thing Trump’s inspired is this:

Bloom County’s back, and Olbermann is pissed.


Saturday, October 1: Today’s Trump Couplet:

Ev’rything he touches turns to dross

Which, with some bad luck, could include us.


Sunday, October 2: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Note to Trump about

Religion: there were more than

Two Corinthians


Monday, October 3: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Vulgar Talking Yam?

Short-Fingered Vulgarian?

Best one: Cheeto Jesus


Tuesday, October 4: Today’s Trump Haiku:

In the words of a

Favorite radio voice:

‘Where yo’ taxes at?’”


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