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I take it back.

I don’t want Trump out of the presidential race.

I want him to stay in, straight till November 8.

So that he can be crushed, electorally speaking.

So that he can lose an American presidential election by the largest margin in the history of American presidential elections.

So that he can set the record for being the biggest loser.

So that he can lose to a woman.

Then I want as many women as possible to sue him, or better yet, press criminal charges, for sexual assault.

So that statistically speaking, so many women have charged him with sexual assault that he has to be hauled into court in at least one case.

So that he has to testify in court, under oath, under a far bigger spotlight than if he had never run for president.

So that either he has to lie about it, in court, under oath, and face perjury charges … or he has to tell the truth about it, in court, under oath, in public, to be recorded and replayed For. Ever.

Because: of all the awful things he’s said and done … and I have been sympathetically outraged on behalf of veterans, Muslims, African-Americans, reporters, cheesy pre-teen pop singing trios, and a host of other subsets of the American population in the last sixteen months … every one of the groups he’s insulted or denigrated or abused or assaulted have included women.

So the righteously aggrieved expressions that I’ve read online, in response to Trump’s 2005 comments about how he behaved when he was attracted to women, cut across all the lines.

The status posts about Trump’s 2005 comments on my Facebook feed alone, in the last sixteen hours alone, particularly from my FB friends who are women, I have read with wrenching sympathy … because an uncommon amount of pain has radiated from many of those posts.

He needs to do time. And the best reason for him to do time would be because he violated women.

And when he’s convicted of sexual assault and faces jail time, he’ll know that it’s karma that’s come to hit him in the backside: because his entire life has been devoted to making sure everybody except him gets screwed.

And even when he gets out of prison, and thinks that chapter in his life is over … he needs to be followed for the rest of his life by the knowledge that he was beaten in the American presidential election by a qualified, competent woman.

By a woman who didn’t need to rig the system to do it. Who in fact had to face plenty of system-rigging herself, for a very long time before that election.

By a woman who is therefore not so different from many, many other women in the world. Some of whom I am privileged to call friends.

Trump doesn’t just need to be defeated, or beaten, or crushed, or convicted, or jailed.

That guy needs to be taught a lesson.

By the right people.


Thirty-one days.


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