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Rob Hammerton, music educator etc.

I Have Very Hai Ku

In which your humble correspondent desperately works to keep up with the firehose of awful that is the Trump campaign, on his Facebook page, in verse.

[For reference by future scholars who unearth this text, once thought lost forever: in the third week of this experiment came Trump’s abuse of Alicia Machado, an “Access Hollywood” host, and his Presidential election opponent. For starters.]


Wednesday, October 5: Today’s Trump Verse (re: Pumpkin Spice Mussolini’s sole quoted source to confirm that he’d been against the Iraq War from the beginning):

Trump says ‘Just ask Sean Hannity’

Which is, of course, insanity

I’d like to know what planet he

Is from.

For even if Sean Hannity

Were an actual news man, if he

Was Trump’s only plan, it’d be

Just dumb.


Thursday, October 6: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Everything Trump said

While Hill’ry was talking was

Domestic abuse


Friday, October 7: Today’s Trump Haiku:

*Trump* and *Rush* fat-shamed

Miss Alicia Machado?

Mirror check, you guys


Saturday, October 8: Today’s Trump Haiku:

My apologies

But d’you think she’s as bad as

Trump? I can’t even


Sunday, October 9: Today’s Trump Team Haiku:

I’ve got a name for

Evangelicals for Trump”:

They’re just HypoChristians


Monday, October 10: Today’s Trump Former-Party-Supporters Haiku:

So *now* you say you’re

Not behind him anymore?

What took you so long?


Tuesday, October 11: Today’s Trump Rally Haiku:

What’d he say? “I love

The poorly-educated!”

That makes perfect sense


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