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Rob Hammerton, music educator etc.

…It’s Verse

In which your humble correspondent desperately works to keep up with the firehose of awful that is the Trump campaign, on his Facebook page, in verse.

[For reference by future scholars who unearth this text, once thought lost forever: in the fifth week of this experiment came the last of three debates.]


Wednesday, October 19: Today’s Trump Third-Debate Haiku:

My fervent wish is

That what happens in Vegas

Would stay in Vegas


Thursday, October 20: Today’s Trump Debate Haiku Suite:

Three debates are done

And in these battles of wits

Trump came in unarmed


Nobody respects

Women more than I do” –“Such

A nasty woman”


Trump, will you concede?

I will tell you at the time.”

(Not gonna concede.)


Friday, October 21: Today’s Trump Haiku:

I am just impressed

That when Trump called her “nasty”

Hillary wasn’t


Saturday, October 22: Today’s Deadly-Serious Trump Haiku:

So when he loses

He’ll mutter euphemisms

But his *fans* will ‘splode


Sunday, October 23: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Go ahead; it’s sport

Call him names, criticize him

He can’t *not* respond


Monday, October 24: Today’s Trump Team Haiku:

Katrina Pierson,

Healy Baumgartner, Kelly-

Ann Conway … top line??


Tuesday, October 25: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Describe Trump’s awful:

Fire hose? Tsunami? Hail? No–

Tennis ball machine


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