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Rob Hammerton, music educator etc.

Otherwise You’ll Cry

In which your humble correspondent desperately works to keep up with the tennis ball machine of awful that is the Trump campaign, on his Facebook page, in verse.

[For reference by future scholars who unearth this text, once thought lost forever: in the sixth week of this experiment, the poet early-voted, foolishly thinking that this would exempt him from having to hear about any of this until Election Night.]


Wednesday, October 26: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Of all the best words

Trump has, he did say that his

Fav’rite is “stupid”


Thursday, October 27: Today’s Trump Haiku:

I can tell you this:

I wouldn’t want Joe Biden

Saying that ’bout me


Friday, October 28: Today’s Trump Haik-ewwww:

I am going to

Be dating her in 10 years.

Can you believe it?”


Saturday, October 29: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Trump: “When they screw you,

Screw them back ten times as hard”

Who’s the nasty one?


Sunday, October 30: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Yes, yes, by all means

Vote November twenty-eighth

That’ll be perfect


Monday, October 31: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Curse you, Donald Trump:

You’ve forced me to have to root

For Megyn Kelly


Tuesday, November 1: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Hey! Guess where all those

Red Donald Trump trucker hats

Are made? …Duh! China


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