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World’s Greatest

Sorry. I just caught up with this item.

It was a recording of an interview with Donald Trump that was played on the Rachel Maddow show, last week.

In that interview, he spends what seems like an eternity … but is actually probably only a few minutes … praising his own abilities as an athlete, and specifically as “the best baseball player in New York” when he was in high school.

For some reason, as awful as many of his other utterances have been, as regards his own self and how great he is and how much he feels he should be allowed to do because he’s a star … this little patch of time (which I can’t get back) caused me to just hold my head in my hands, weakly trying to ward off the waves of pure full-on narcissistic ego-on-parade.

This isn’t just a campaign issue. It’s a decent-human-being issue. But it’s a leadership issue, as well.

You can’t do this job without having just a LITTLE bit of ego,” a favorite college professor of mine once (no, many times) said, specifically to students who were about to go on to be drum majors of their high school bands. I can well imagine that this is true of Presidents, and of CEOs, and of many jobs.

You have to have a certain amount of confidence in yourself. It’s helpful to go in knowing, KNOWING that you are fully capable of [1] changing that oil, or [2] writing that article, or [3] directing that traffic, or [4] landing that plane, or [5] conducting that pregame, or [6] tending that garden, or [7] well, fill in any job that is important to someone somehow that someone doing it could take pride in…

But oh my God, here’s a man who cannot conduct a conversation without directing it straight back toward himself; who cannot talk about himself without dumping on other people in order to try to make himself look better than somebody; who must make sure you know that he’s the best thing ever in the history of the ever ever.

Here’s a guy who for some psychological reason – childhood trauma? adolescent unfortunate experience? something else? — needs everybody to know that he’s better, handsomer, better with women, more successful, more greater better taller more-talented smarter more more more more more … than everybody else at everything ever.

Here’s a guy who hears the word humility and thinks it’s got something to do with air conditioning.

I was always the best athlete. Something that nobody knew about me. …I was the best baseball player in New York when I was young. … Everybody wanted me to be a baseball player. But I was good in other sports too. I was good in wresting, I was very good at football. I was always the best at sports.”



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