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Rob Hammerton, music educator etc.

Poetry’s Last Stand

In which your humble correspondent attempts to wrap up the current (and final?) election season, on his Facebook page, in verse.

[For reference by future scholars who unearth this text, once thought lost forever: in the seventh week of this experiment, they actually held the election. Cleverly, this text was released to a breathlessly-anticipatory public before any polls had closed, thus rendering it a time capsule of The Time Before… (fill in the blank).]

[Also, something happened that had not happened in 108 years: little bears won a fun game.]


Wednesday, November 2: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Three-thirty A.M.

Is the right time for few things

Least of all Tweeting


Thursday, November 3: Today’s Trump Distraction Haiku:

The Chicago Cubs

For one glorious evening

Overwhelmed all this


Friday, November 4: Today’s Trump Media Coverage Haiku:

Today would have been

Cronkite’s hundredth. What would he

Say about all this?


And a small P.S.:

(The sad truth: Cronkite

Wouldn’t be “sexy” enough

For cable news now)


Saturday, November 5: Today’s Trump Haiku:

I’m a bit nervous

About all those “poll-watchers”

*You know what I mean*


Sunday, November 6: Today’s Trump Haiku:

If Trump’s elected

I don’t think it’d be called an



Monday, November 7: Today’s Trump Haiku Two-Fer:

I too felt the Bern

Now we need to make sure he’s

A Committee Chair


Life isn’t perfect;

Hillary either. Trump though?



Tuesday, November 8: Today’s Trump Haiku Election-Day Dump: (I had a bunch of ’em in reserve)

Smart not to pay tax?

Can you do business without

Roads, the power grid…?


Release all eMails”

Strikes me as: not something a

Guilty person says


Surround yourself with

The people you want to be”:

Corey Lew’ndowski


Trump likes “Citizen

Kane” … this one seems just as apt:

It Can’t Happen Here”


Haiku is a lame

Kind of poem. Why do peo-

ple like haiku? Sad.


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