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Me, Me, Me

Ya know … I’ve seen quite a number of college marching bands which have cheerful and positive adjectives in their official names or their established, standing nicknames. I was even in charge of one, once.

And the one thing that I thought about each and every one of them: if you have to tell people that you’re incomparable, or million-dollar, or (forgive me, Holy Cross friends) a good time … you will need to work extra hard to prove those claims to your audience. Because now they’ve heard the PA announcer announce that, and may well be thinking, “OK, you’re the band of renown? Show me.” (“The moment you stop entertaining, they start evaluating.”)

[I know. I often hang out with a group nicknamed the “Power and Class of New England”. I am not unaware of the glass house I am standing in.]


At his press conference yesterday, Orange Muppet Hitler couldn’t finish a single sentence that happened to reference his companies, his beauty pageant (honest to God; I’m not making that up), his own “very high-profile” self, etc. etc. … without throwing in an aside about how great, how successful, how high-profile, etc. etc., they all were.

I just leave that here for your consideration.

It may be a very telling characteristic. Y’know, because every Current Occupant of the Oval Office, in addition to governing and such, takes on the mantle of “most visible role model in the world”. Whether they like it or not. Whether they know it or not.

Just sayin’.




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