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Rob Hammerton, music educator etc.

Charles River Tent Flaps: 1974

[“CHARLES RIVER TENT FLAPS – THE FIRST TEN YEARS” is made up of interviews with past and present staff members and campers of the Charles River Creative Arts Program of Dover, Massachusetts and of articles from The Daily Double.” -from “Tent Flaps”, published for the CRCAP tenth-anniversary celebration, summer 1979 (David Downing, editor). We begin as CRCAP begins to see weird moments become everyday occurrences …]



The Happy-Go-Lucky Janie Papps starts in as director of The Daily Double. She was alleged to have enjoyed it …


During THE FREELANCE KID when they were putting the fire out that was part of the end of the play, they took blankets and tried to smother the fire. Dana Berger said, ‘Good, every spark out.’ The girl who played Judy just totally broke character and said, ‘It’s not! It’s not!’ The blankets and stage had caught fire. Maureen went running off to get some water. They eventually did put it out. Well, the next night it happened again! This time they had a fire extinguisher.”


Anne Matthies made the body puppets for THE FREELANCE KID. The frame stood on the shoulders of the person inside it. They were eight feet high. On clean-up day after the show, we were lying on the lawn when all of a sudden we saw the body puppets walking across the field and right over to the Drug Store. They went in and sat down. Those people at the Drug Store gave them what they ordered; nobody asked any questions. And then with their food they walked back across the field.”


You know how the kids get so noisy around the tent stage? Besides the obvious reason that no one will forget a President resigning, you wouldn’t have believed what it was like at Charles River. There was a TV on the ten stage and everyone was quiet. I mean, we were all there watching Nixon talking about his parents and he was crying. The whole scene was unreal. All the kids were glued to what was happening. Then, when it was over, everyone cheered. It was really weird.”

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