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Charles River Tent Flaps: “The Next Ten Years?” as Viewed From CRCAP’s Perch in 1979

[“CHARLES RIVER TENT FLAPS – THE FIRST TEN YEARS” is made up of interviews with past and present staff members and campers of the Charles River Creative Arts Program of Dover, Massachusetts and of articles from The Daily Double.” -from “Tent Flaps”, published for the CRCAP tenth-anniversary celebration, summer 1979 (David Downing, editor). Its final page is a curious time capsule, including staff speculation as to where this thing goes from here … having no idea that 10 years of “this thing” would lead to forty more … ]


It depends upon the economy, the gas situation. I mean, Dover’s out in the middle of nowhere. I’d like to see it become a year-round thing.”


Every summer the performances, the quality of work in the class, the staff get better, even if it’s the same people. The kids as a result get better. Each new person who comes to teach will have their own special class that’s something different, like Susie Clifton’s Sign Mime. I think it’s going to progress in that way. What I hope doesn’t happen is that it becomes more specialized; I hope we still get the same kind of kids, some are talented, some are not.”

The thing that’s made it so special is that it’s small. It would be great if it were as small as it is now but it won’t be.”


I think aspects of this program will be big ten years from now, like the Charles River Press. I think that the camp will still exist here but I also believe that there will be affiliates of this program in existence, in the North End, for example. We really need more outreach, more commitment to recruiting minorities. We can’t be an insular community. The lack of public transportation to Dover has been hard on getting a broad base of kids here.

I see perhaps touring companies coming out of here that take our shows to other communities. Maybe even a team of people who work with the schools to integrate the arts into the curriculum.

The arts generally need more professionalism at the management level. Unfortunately, I also think the arts will still be peripheral to society ten years from now.

Finally, I hope we get some better initials.”


There’s the statement that when things get tough the first thing to go is the arts. That’s true in California with Proposition 13. But here you’re talking about economics and government; you’re not talking about people. I think it’s becoming so much more a part of our society and people are being exposed to it so much more. The city’s moving out to the country which is exposing the country to the arts.

It’s not going to be given up; the arts are too much a part of our lives, whether it’s the kid with the music lessons or parents involved in community theatre or the professionals. People are becoming more conscious of the statement it can make.

By the time Bach came around, Europe had existed for 1600 years. There was a whole culture behind Bach. This country’s only existed for 200 years, and with a transplanted culture. It’s going to take time. If it were two Europeans talking, there wouldn’t be any question of the arts surviving. In this country, the problem is that it’s still too young to have a lot of pride in its artists.”


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Charles River Tent Flaps: 1978

[“CHARLES RIVER TENT FLAPS – THE FIRST TEN YEARS” is made up of interviews with past and present staff members and campers of the Charles River Creative Arts Program of Dover, Massachusetts and of articles from The Daily Double.” -from “Tent Flaps”, published for the CRCAP tenth-anniversary celebration, summer 1979 (David Downing, editor). We begin as CRCAP begins to revel in, among other things, creative insult humor …]



Morris dancing … Morris [the advertising cat; look him up, kids] dies … CRCAP invaded by flies … Eli (Joe) baptizes the new amplifier for the electric piano … King Tut … Carrie [Aizley] imitates Kippy, Daniel, and Zachary, all at the same time, during the CIT show … softball games with Camp Unity … I HAVE A DREAM done by Multi-Arts and Camp Unity … Tenny Donnelly Award … incendiary and failed balloon launchings by DD … Ann Brown, artist-in-residence … Holly Clark takes on the lion’s den, the Daily Double … Katchup debuts as THE CRCAP newspaper then retires to once-a-week status … Maureen becomes a TV star on Evening Magazine



When Robbie ate some potato sticks with preservatives. -Quincy Houghton … Having Quincy admit that she liked “Health Food” cake. -Rob Houghton … … Louise, Louie, and Peter doing Monty Python’s Penguin on the TV. – David Blackett … The Jan Curtis concert. -Cynthia … The cake! -Nissy … When the fly paper fell on Neil Deluca’s head. -Dawn … The week Sam Thompson was absent. -Mac (Debra) … When Jackie threw me in the dumpster. -Sarah Katz



ROBIN HOOD needs bows and arrows. Give to Suzanne. … Pool needs white sheets, hula skirts, and ukuleles. … Frank Wood needs a mobile home or a key to his house. … Costume Department needs boy and girl scouts. … Jordie needs someone to fix the timing on her car. … Ann Brown needs a choreographer, a new right knee, and maracas. … Help send a poor photographer to Rome. Buy Andy’s prints. … Color TV for the Counselors Room.



Q: How’s your pinyatta [sic] going? … A: Well, it’s still wavering between being a bird and being a donkey.



NOTE: Please don’t yell and say, “What a stupid paper!” since everything we print is art. Remember that. The Daily Double is art. The Daily Double is art. Repeat that until you believe it.



The dimensions of the cakes are humungus, 2 feet by 1 1/2 feet. Those who are staying on for the cookout ought to know what sort of cakes were made: carrot, coconut-carrot-pineapple. And you don’t have to worry about cavities, kids. These cakes are 100% healthy. Rob Houghton was the master baker.



Where’s my attendance slip? Peeeettaaaah! My attendance slip is missing!” … Where the heck is my microphone? Hey, Neil! Give me that!” … Will you help me take the benches down? Hey, come on! It’s heavy! AAARGH!” … Will Kenny Camper please report to his counselor?” … Don’t forget your money for the cookout.” … Kenny Camper, where are you? Kenny Camper!” … Today is the last day to change your schedule.” … Will the CITs please move the piano?” … No one is to go to the Drug Store!” … Your flute lesson is tomorrow.” … Kenny Camper, Kenny Camper! Where are you?”




Our entertainment, Eucalyptus Baxter, reports on the play that recently arrived in Boston, MAN OF LA MUNCHIES. MAN OF LA MUNCHIES is a romantic yarn about a half-crazed old man who travels the countryside, spreading the word of Fritos, Doritos, and Pringles…

A PERSONAL VIEWPOINT … It has come to my attention that Lou’s Apple Kitchen will no longer be selling Doritos. The reason, as I have heard it, is that the camp has received complaints that this snack is junk food. This situation is one of concert to me. The Daily Double, Lou’s, or for that matter myself, do not promote or advocate junk food. But I feel that the choice is a personal one. We are all free to make our own choices independent of one another’s. In removing this product from the premises, a few people are making the decisions for all of us. If there are people around what do not want to eat Doritos then they have the perfect right to label them junk food and not eat them. But this is where it must stop.



Doug Little to Peter Dewey after Doug had kicked a soccer ball through the huge window in the makeup room – “Yeah, but Peter, who else could have gotten it in the upper right hand corner?”

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Charles River Tent Flaps: 1975

[“CHARLES RIVER TENT FLAPS – THE FIRST TEN YEARS” is made up of interviews with past and present staff members and campers of the Charles River Creative Arts Program of Dover, Massachusetts and of articles from The Daily Double.” -from “Tent Flaps”, published for the CRCAP tenth-anniversary celebration, summer 1979 (David Downing, editor). We begin as CRCAP begins to reveal some of its iconic early-life characters …]



Thos Camp, first artist-in-residence, after a dogged beginning comes to teach “the little nippers” … CIT show – JAWS with David Blackett as the shark … Introduction to: Bellringing, Multi-Arts (Katie Soleau – dance, Maureen McKibben – music, Roger Farrington – projections), puppet show (Troupe), Colonial Crafts, Sign Mime, Shadow Drama, Health Food at the Apple Kitchen with Barbie Blackett … Peter Macara paints to music …



Four days of delirium! The mood is euphoric! Never has the opening week at CRCAP been so free from entangling traffic, schizo scheduling, and recurrent telephone tensions – you must be the most erudite, cerebral collection of campers ever to congregate under an awning; or is it the staff and the CITs who make the scene so serene; or is it all of you? The summer of ’75 is taking shape as the all-time winner. Already the creative sparks are igniting and major artistic fireworks smolder on the horizon. Happy flares, rockets, sparklers, torpedoes and a 225 inch salute for everybody here …



Two people manning the DD fort. David Downing bangs mono-fingeredly and Catherine Rand arrived with a full tank of gas.



Dear Mrs. Matthies, We expect Victoria to be here Monday morning at 9:00 AM sharp!!!



B.D. is addicted to strawberries. … Dana Berger got scalped! … Billy Motley drowned in his shorts this morning. … Paul Temple wears girl’s sneakers.



David Pallian and company did an improvisational balloon-kite while the Freelance Players Rock Band played background music. At the end they let it go and it sailed off into the wild blue yonder … The Three Stooges, straight from Hollywood, ended the show with an incredible performance. The Stooges were: Leslie, Connie, and Ginny. They ended their act with wild pie-throwing.



There is a rumor that the campers will go on strike if Peter Dewey does not fix the Coke machines. There has already been a demonstration with signs like “We want our Coke machines back”, “#@!&*%$ Peter Dewey” (nasty people), and “Coke or fight”. Well, those are just a few, but I’m sure there will be many more. Peter, if you hear windows in your house breaking, or see an X painted on your door, my advice is to fix the Coke machines.




APPLE ORATORIO: Jessie, Peter B., Louise, Thos Camp, Anne M., Anna B., Nissy, Franny, Paul, Moo, Barby, Catherine, Peter Burrows, Tom Carey, Connie, David D., Ruth Stokes

CANTALOUPE CANTATAS: Roger, Jane Musgrave, Tom C., Susan P., Robbie B., Tom Heim, Susie C., Katie S., Peter M., Bob J., Carla, Kippy, Katy H., Jeanne, Maureen, Peter D., David P.

You’d think at this place where everything is so low key, non-competitive, that it wouldn’t happen but everyone took it so seriously.”


…In the third inning, Tom Carey pitched Kippy a CANTALOUPE!! Who’s idea was it? Mrs. Matthies’ naturally … Most valuable player awards go to Tom Carey for most drinks of water, Peter Dewey for winding up the dirtiest player at the end, Bob for a great catch, Sportsmanship Award to Mrs. Matthies…



Five thirteen-year-old bots from Holmwood House, Colchester England, will perform THE COLLECTION, a one-act comedy by Harold Pinter on Thursday, August 12.



David Pallian’s cat eats cupcakes. … Thos Camp is definitely a third-world type. … Angela V. and her friend Jody are really great dancers. I wish they could dance every noontime show. … Even with Kippy’s platforms on, she won’t be as tall as David Heinsohn. … KD changes her clothes at stop lights.

One time! One time I did it! It’s not at stop lights necessarily. It’s just when we come to stop lights I’m still in the process of changing.”


Peter had this idea to make a waterfall for SPIRITS. Well, the first problem was that all you heard over the microphones was the sound of water gushing down the slide. None of the kids could talk over it. Then one night the waterfall fell over and we had to dance on the flooded stage.”


QUOTE OF THE DAY: “You have not yet seen the extent of my anger.” -Peter Dewey



The Cookout is Tuesday, July 20, starting at the end of camp. If you want to attend, you have to bring $2.00 to the camp office VERY soon.



…by Sarah Houghton, a takeoff of Dick Clark and the American Bandstand. With five couples and a song this turned out to be a side-splitter with the winning dancer, Anthony Venezia, and a close follow-up by Craig Leader and Anne Matthies … Doug and Jackie sang a song about a wolf that ate people and a grandmother who played a piano …



Tuesday, Mrs. Matthies, Kristin Matthies, Deborah Aschheim, Michael Carey, Therese Jackman, Peter Kushner, Charlotte Joslin, Sheryl Watsson, Jill Brenner, and Pam Geller spent the night in the wigwam with nothing to eat but corn, cinnamon apples, popcorn, peaches, doughnuts, bacon, marshmallows, and cereal.



Maureen McKibben is selling her car. It is a cute, little white Volkswagen. If you are interested in a car, see Maureen at any musical event … Maureen is also looking for a good job to raise enough money for a new car. If you know of any positions open where an instrumental music instructor is needed, please see Maureen.



Declare National Be Kind to Campers Week. Kick Peter Dewey out of the four-square court.



Calling all gardeners! Any person who’d like to help with the garden, go behind the gym Tuesdays or Thursdays and ask Mrs. Tecce about it.



For the past two days, The Apple Kitchen was out of Doritos and Funyuns. Thanks to Frito Lay, they are once again stocked full of it. So all you chip lovers can once again rejoice and eat until your arteries harden.



The Counselors’ Show included a horse with a weak digestive system, a cyclist having a hard day, two rain dances, scarf dances by Bob, Andy and John; dancing by Kippy and Peter, juggling by Nissy, all under Jane’s direction. Zoe and Jordie provided continuity as a film director and her assistant.


A strange thing happened after we finished BUZZ ON. The next week, during the first rehearsals for A CREASE IN THE CLOCK, all sorts of bees and wasps came out from under the stage and a lot of people got stung. Sort of a bees’ revenge.”


It was the first cleanup day. We had just finished and everyone was sitting around the Counselors’ Room too tired to move. Suddenly, a car comes flying up the driveway. Tom and Dougie are on top. Tommy shoves a broom or something into the room. All at once everyone is on their feet and running after the car. Tommy is trying to get back inside the car which Jackie has going very fast in reverse. Tommy leaps inside the car finally while it is still moving. Meanwhile people are all over the place pretending to shoot at the car like a TV show, in the street, everywhere. With a squeal of brakes the Megans left the parking lot. Nissy is yelling, ‘Stop it! Stop it!’ Then we all went and sat down in the Counselors’ Room again.”

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