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Charles River Tent Flaps: 1977

[“CHARLES RIVER TENT FLAPS – THE FIRST TEN YEARS” is made up of interviews with past and present staff members and campers of the Charles River Creative Arts Program of Dover, Massachusetts and of articles from The Daily Double.” -from “Tent Flaps”, published for the CRCAP tenth-anniversary celebration, summer 1979 (David Downing, editor). We begin as CRCAP begins to turn its “Show Must Go On” tradition legendary …]



New stage (2 1/2 weeks to build, gray, 4 feet taller than its predecessor, two ladders to the balcony, more balcony space) … OLIVER! on Festival Stage … Thomas Harpoe Jepsen … Jane Ernst, actress-in-residence … Little Wanderers get their own department … Showtune Workshop performs at Briarwood Nursing and Retirement Home … Paul Temple and Frank Baker with the Bennington Music Workshop get everyone up and dancing at the Festival Stage with a multitude of drums … Puerto Rican rum … Cuchulian … Ucvle Tom’s Cabin … FENDA MARIA … KNAVE OF HEARTS … North End kids and Bob Laroca … Carol Meiselman womans the Apple … Nissy’s influence extends to the skies as she diverts planes from over the Festival Stage during performances … Tennis Tournament ends … Ann Brown performs at the Esplanade with Danny Sloan and Company to tumultuous applause, most of which is from a very large CRCAP contingent … Artists’ Night debuts … Neil Deluca as always …



I can’t find my counselor!” … “Where is my locker?” … “My schedule is all mixed up!” … All this confusion and more is what’s happening the first day of camp. The CITs are running around trying to help everybody. And the counselors are trying to find their CITs.


sensational gang you are! We’ve just experienced the most mellifluously mellow, smoothly synchronized, finely meshed, happily tuned opening day in the 8-year history of this chronically astonishing multi-arts experience. … A million thanks to all of YOU for making it SO great. W’re off and running for a smash hit summer of seventy-seven scenario. Happy Days are here again! Love to all, PBD


It was a very hot day that Thursday before BUZZ ON. Peter, Louise, Maureen, and some other people were relaxing at the house where I was staying when someone noticed a huge, black thundercloud rolling in over the trees. ‘Oh, no! The lights!’ Suddenly, Peter and Louise went speeding out the driveway and out on to Walpole Street on two wheels to rescue the lights. Maureen was not far behind to save the sets. There ensued a terrific rainstorm which continued right up until a half an hour before showtime. There were some anxious moments on the driveway in front of the school by Nissy and some of the staff. There was even a non-rain dance. We wondered if the rain would hold off until after the show. It did.”

It was freezing that night during BUZZ ON. Everyone backstage had sleeping bags wrapped around them or winter coats.”

Alan Ruthazer got sick before opening night. In the true ‘The-Show-Must-Go-On’ tradition, Jack Megan stepped in to play Hornsbee that night. I remember he had his lines written on his arms, all over him. Even then he didn’t get them right.”


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Charles River Tent Flaps: 1976

[“CHARLES RIVER TENT FLAPS – THE FIRST TEN YEARS” is made up of interviews with past and present staff members and campers of the Charles River Creative Arts Program of Dover, Massachusetts and of articles from The Daily Double.” -from “Tent Flaps”, published for the CRCAP tenth-anniversary celebration, summer 1979 (David Downing, editor). We begin as CRCAP begins to experience various forces of nature …]



Danny Sloan becomes artist-in-residence, except when it’s time for lunch … JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH … Deborah Aschheim and Jon Maimon make a mint with their miniature funny-faced clay people … Jeremy Hutchins spends BITE THE LYRE upside down on the torture wheel … Boys Only Dance Class …



On the 4th of July, the Dover Bicentennial Committee will bury a time capsule. In it will be items considered appropriate for representing the Bicentennial in Dover. Among the items buried will be a copy of the Daily Double. The Time Capsule will be uncovered in 2076 and will show the people of that time what it is like now.

[DAILY DOUBLE ARTICLE] *SPECIAL*: What would you put in the Time Capsule?

Kaatje West: “An M&M.”

Anne Matthies: “Craig Leader.”

Sue Clark: “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.”

Alan Brand: “The pesty Daily Double staff.”

David Pallian: “Three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree!”


Five years after the circus tent was destroyed, strong winds returned on June 25 to upend the tent stage covering…


DD: “Did you see what happened?” GL: “Yes.” DD: “What happened?” GL: “It just unraveled and blew away.” DD: “Was anyone else there?” GL: “Lots of people. Robbie Banfield, … well, not lots, a few.”

Peter Dewey fixed the tent so we talked to him.

DD: “Did someone help you?” … PD: “Yes, Peter Burrows and Paul Temple.” … DD: “Was it hard to fix?” … PD: “Pretty hard.”


But this wasn’t the end to problems caused by weather …





Yesterday, after camp, preparations were made for the high winds of Hurricane Belle. Peter Dewey was in charge of the army of workers. The Festival Stage was braced, volleyball and basketball poles were laid down on their sides, and the tent over the stage was taken down. All this occurred in the pouring rain.

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Charles River Tent Flaps: 1975

[“CHARLES RIVER TENT FLAPS – THE FIRST TEN YEARS” is made up of interviews with past and present staff members and campers of the Charles River Creative Arts Program of Dover, Massachusetts and of articles from The Daily Double.” -from “Tent Flaps”, published for the CRCAP tenth-anniversary celebration, summer 1979 (David Downing, editor). We begin as CRCAP begins to reveal some of its iconic early-life characters …]



Thos Camp, first artist-in-residence, after a dogged beginning comes to teach “the little nippers” … CIT show – JAWS with David Blackett as the shark … Introduction to: Bellringing, Multi-Arts (Katie Soleau – dance, Maureen McKibben – music, Roger Farrington – projections), puppet show (Troupe), Colonial Crafts, Sign Mime, Shadow Drama, Health Food at the Apple Kitchen with Barbie Blackett … Peter Macara paints to music …



Four days of delirium! The mood is euphoric! Never has the opening week at CRCAP been so free from entangling traffic, schizo scheduling, and recurrent telephone tensions – you must be the most erudite, cerebral collection of campers ever to congregate under an awning; or is it the staff and the CITs who make the scene so serene; or is it all of you? The summer of ’75 is taking shape as the all-time winner. Already the creative sparks are igniting and major artistic fireworks smolder on the horizon. Happy flares, rockets, sparklers, torpedoes and a 225 inch salute for everybody here …



Two people manning the DD fort. David Downing bangs mono-fingeredly and Catherine Rand arrived with a full tank of gas.



Dear Mrs. Matthies, We expect Victoria to be here Monday morning at 9:00 AM sharp!!!



B.D. is addicted to strawberries. … Dana Berger got scalped! … Billy Motley drowned in his shorts this morning. … Paul Temple wears girl’s sneakers.



David Pallian and company did an improvisational balloon-kite while the Freelance Players Rock Band played background music. At the end they let it go and it sailed off into the wild blue yonder … The Three Stooges, straight from Hollywood, ended the show with an incredible performance. The Stooges were: Leslie, Connie, and Ginny. They ended their act with wild pie-throwing.



There is a rumor that the campers will go on strike if Peter Dewey does not fix the Coke machines. There has already been a demonstration with signs like “We want our Coke machines back”, “#@!&*%$ Peter Dewey” (nasty people), and “Coke or fight”. Well, those are just a few, but I’m sure there will be many more. Peter, if you hear windows in your house breaking, or see an X painted on your door, my advice is to fix the Coke machines.




APPLE ORATORIO: Jessie, Peter B., Louise, Thos Camp, Anne M., Anna B., Nissy, Franny, Paul, Moo, Barby, Catherine, Peter Burrows, Tom Carey, Connie, David D., Ruth Stokes

CANTALOUPE CANTATAS: Roger, Jane Musgrave, Tom C., Susan P., Robbie B., Tom Heim, Susie C., Katie S., Peter M., Bob J., Carla, Kippy, Katy H., Jeanne, Maureen, Peter D., David P.

You’d think at this place where everything is so low key, non-competitive, that it wouldn’t happen but everyone took it so seriously.”


…In the third inning, Tom Carey pitched Kippy a CANTALOUPE!! Who’s idea was it? Mrs. Matthies’ naturally … Most valuable player awards go to Tom Carey for most drinks of water, Peter Dewey for winding up the dirtiest player at the end, Bob for a great catch, Sportsmanship Award to Mrs. Matthies…



Five thirteen-year-old bots from Holmwood House, Colchester England, will perform THE COLLECTION, a one-act comedy by Harold Pinter on Thursday, August 12.



David Pallian’s cat eats cupcakes. … Thos Camp is definitely a third-world type. … Angela V. and her friend Jody are really great dancers. I wish they could dance every noontime show. … Even with Kippy’s platforms on, she won’t be as tall as David Heinsohn. … KD changes her clothes at stop lights.

One time! One time I did it! It’s not at stop lights necessarily. It’s just when we come to stop lights I’m still in the process of changing.”


Peter had this idea to make a waterfall for SPIRITS. Well, the first problem was that all you heard over the microphones was the sound of water gushing down the slide. None of the kids could talk over it. Then one night the waterfall fell over and we had to dance on the flooded stage.”


QUOTE OF THE DAY: “You have not yet seen the extent of my anger.” -Peter Dewey



The Cookout is Tuesday, July 20, starting at the end of camp. If you want to attend, you have to bring $2.00 to the camp office VERY soon.



…by Sarah Houghton, a takeoff of Dick Clark and the American Bandstand. With five couples and a song this turned out to be a side-splitter with the winning dancer, Anthony Venezia, and a close follow-up by Craig Leader and Anne Matthies … Doug and Jackie sang a song about a wolf that ate people and a grandmother who played a piano …



Tuesday, Mrs. Matthies, Kristin Matthies, Deborah Aschheim, Michael Carey, Therese Jackman, Peter Kushner, Charlotte Joslin, Sheryl Watsson, Jill Brenner, and Pam Geller spent the night in the wigwam with nothing to eat but corn, cinnamon apples, popcorn, peaches, doughnuts, bacon, marshmallows, and cereal.



Maureen McKibben is selling her car. It is a cute, little white Volkswagen. If you are interested in a car, see Maureen at any musical event … Maureen is also looking for a good job to raise enough money for a new car. If you know of any positions open where an instrumental music instructor is needed, please see Maureen.



Declare National Be Kind to Campers Week. Kick Peter Dewey out of the four-square court.



Calling all gardeners! Any person who’d like to help with the garden, go behind the gym Tuesdays or Thursdays and ask Mrs. Tecce about it.



For the past two days, The Apple Kitchen was out of Doritos and Funyuns. Thanks to Frito Lay, they are once again stocked full of it. So all you chip lovers can once again rejoice and eat until your arteries harden.



The Counselors’ Show included a horse with a weak digestive system, a cyclist having a hard day, two rain dances, scarf dances by Bob, Andy and John; dancing by Kippy and Peter, juggling by Nissy, all under Jane’s direction. Zoe and Jordie provided continuity as a film director and her assistant.


A strange thing happened after we finished BUZZ ON. The next week, during the first rehearsals for A CREASE IN THE CLOCK, all sorts of bees and wasps came out from under the stage and a lot of people got stung. Sort of a bees’ revenge.”


It was the first cleanup day. We had just finished and everyone was sitting around the Counselors’ Room too tired to move. Suddenly, a car comes flying up the driveway. Tom and Dougie are on top. Tommy shoves a broom or something into the room. All at once everyone is on their feet and running after the car. Tommy is trying to get back inside the car which Jackie has going very fast in reverse. Tommy leaps inside the car finally while it is still moving. Meanwhile people are all over the place pretending to shoot at the car like a TV show, in the street, everywhere. With a squeal of brakes the Megans left the parking lot. Nissy is yelling, ‘Stop it! Stop it!’ Then we all went and sat down in the Counselors’ Room again.”

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