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Confession and (Re-)Connection -or- Where Ya Been?

Hi everyone.

I know. It’s been months.

This was not the plan.

There’s been plenty to write about.

And honestly, it’s not that my schedule, my life, has been that jammed full of every possible commitment and activity that I didn’t have time to sit and park a few thoughts on the Blogge.

I could have gone on and on about, say, current politics. Plenty of writers have done so, and very eloquently and movingly – not that this truth would have deflected me from writing on that topic, as well. I’m not that humble.

My musical life has careened onward at its standard pace. I could have scribbled (metaphorically) a few notes (ha) about all that.

Yes, I had a root canal recently. But it was my tooth that hurt, not my typin’ fingers.

Somehow, several months have gone by.

A friend of mine suggested that it would be a much bigger deal if this were a paid-subscription blog. In that case, then, yes, I would have to process a few refunds!

But still, there are people – not just automated bots, but actual people – who signed up to get eMail blasts every time I published something. They didn’t have to do that. No one was forcing them. They did it – I presume – because they enjoyed something I wrote, and were interested in reading the next one, and possibly even the next one. I need to respect that.

There are others who didn’t sign up, but let me know that they were reading faithfully anyway. I need to respect that, too.

Those are connections.

Connection – most especially these personal connections, with longtime friends and newer friends and friends I’ve never actually met in person! – is something that has become, to me, more important-seeming in the last three or four months of navigating current events. Not that you would know it from my blog activity … so what say we show a little evidence of that?

Write. Write write write.

Will do.

Stand by. Powering back up. Re-acquiring signal. Re-establishing connection. Resurrecting blog in 3… 2… 1…


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I Know Rhymes; I Have the Best Rhymes

Again, “for the sake of the Republic, we must defeat Donald Trump by any means possible.
Therefore, my daily goal during these last seven weeks before Election Day will be to post [on my Facebook page] poetry decrying the awfulness that is Donald Trump.

My little contribution.”

[For reference by future scholars who unearth this text, once thought lost forever: in the second week of this experiment came the first 2016 Presidential debate.]


Wednesday, September 28: Today’s Trump Haiku:

I supported –WRONG!

ON my website is a –WRONG!

Let me say –WRONG! WRONG!


Thursday, September 29: Today’s Trump Couplets (in 6/8):

Blustering bullying lug

Oily arrogant mug

Clearly wears a rug

His cape needs a tug

Needs to be CRUSHED [electorally] like a BUG

(God, I need a hug)


Friday, September 30: Today’s Trump Couplet (iambic pentameter rocks!):

The only good thing Trump’s inspired is this:

Bloom County’s back, and Olbermann is pissed.


Saturday, October 1: Today’s Trump Couplet:

Ev’rything he touches turns to dross

Which, with some bad luck, could include us.


Sunday, October 2: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Note to Trump about

Religion: there were more than

Two Corinthians


Monday, October 3: Today’s Trump Haiku:

Vulgar Talking Yam?

Short-Fingered Vulgarian?

Best one: Cheeto Jesus


Tuesday, October 4: Today’s Trump Haiku:

In the words of a

Favorite radio voice:

‘Where yo’ taxes at?’”

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The 31-Day Blog Writing Challenge, Day Nineteen: Under the Wire

Today’s writing prompt: “My worst habits[:]”


My training as a journalism major appears to have ingrained one skill which has led to a formed habit, which has led to a frequent complication in my life: namely, my ability to work well under an extreme, ridiculous deadline.

Bad habit? Read on.


My ability to crank out copy, etc., on short notice and with a screaming deadline bearing down on me was developed in the dusty, musty offices of The Daily Double.

The what now?

Only the finest four-page, mimeographed, totally 8- to 15-year-old-staffed newspaper in the world! The daily news source of the Charles River Creative Arts Program, a summer arts day camp at which I put in time as a camper, a counselor-in-training and a full-tilt counselor, over the course of a decade centered on the 1980s.

You need a story about the project that the Multi-Arts class is doing? I’m on it. You need to poll a cross-section of campers about their favorite food? Consider it done. You need, well, filler? Gimme that pencil.

Unfortunately, what that taught me is that I could write successfully under absurd time constraints. Unfortunate because it also taught me that I could do so even when the deadline started out as far-away.

That, combined with my other very very bad habit … the online, social-media, time-suck … means that, well, you may have noticed that this should have been my response to yesterday’s “31-Day Blog Challenge” writing prompt, and here it is, being published today.

Today’s actual, Day-20 response will also be published later today; but it may take a mighty effort, late in the evening, in order for it not to be *technically the wee hours of tomorrow*.

I have also come to know that “I lost track of time” is not an excuse that is usually met with a lot of sympathy. And rightly so.

I’m working on it.

But usually I work on it just a few micro-seconds before it needs to be worked on.

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