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Rob Hammerton, music educator etc.

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If you’ve landed here, the chances are good that you did so by clicking the URL in my Twitter profile. You didn’t have to, so the fact that you did is a big deal, to me anyway. Thanks! Here’s who who I am and what I do…

My name is Rob Hammerton (@HammertonMusic), a music educator by trade (and a few other things during my off-hours… whenever those are!).

If you’d like to get in touch with me privately, you can do that via my blog’s contact page.

The goal of my Twitter existence is to keep in touch with the world primarily in my role as a music professional. If anything else invades, you may take it seriously, or not, at your discretion.


Things I will tend to tweet about:

[] Teaching Music

Teaching music is my second career (after a brief stint in magazine publishing) – in the public schools since 1998, at the College of the Holy Cross from 2002 to 2006, and with the George N. Parks Drum Major Academy every summer since 1999.

Since 2001 I’ve conducted the adult choir at the church where I grew up (which, as I’m fond of telling people, isn’t as weird as it should be).

[] Arranging/Composing

As a relatively little kid, I became really interested in the idea of creating music notation that led to something that sounded like I wanted it to sound; since then, I’ve been interested in creating musical arrangements that sound like other people want or need them to sound. Sacred or secular … instrumental or choral … silly or serious.

I’ve been fortunate to be the primary arranger for the University of Delaware athletic band program since 1995.

For more details about my arrangements and compositions, please visit my blog website’s resume or biography pages.

[] Writing

I’ve been blogging since September 2010 on this site, on topics that tend to center on music, music education, journalism (since my undergraduate degree was in that area), current events (which tends to be tinted by my political leaning, which is faintly to port), and whatever other topics strike me.

[] Other Areas

I’m a recreational bicyclist. (I don’t wear the slick, colorful outfits; I don’t lean over the front of my bike; and I am not above swerving onto sidewalks if it’ll save my life.)

I’m a very recreational photographer. (I figured out why I wasn’t much of a camera hound between high school and about two years ago: I didn’t own a camera. Snap snap snap snap snap!)

I’m an extremely recreational golfer. (I don’t officially have a calculated golf handicap; but if I did, it would probably best be expressed with exponential notation. I have contributed many golf balls to the vastness of nature.)

My Twitter follow policy:

I tend to follow (to the extend that I even know this yet) people and organizations in the music education world that I admire or think may offer helpful ideas or resources. Also friends. Also famous persons who make me laugh (who may or may not be especially musical). If you’d like to follow ME … thank you, you brave soul.

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